Tutorials: Get 60 Second Sexy: Cat Eyes

Jordan Liberty shows us how to get flawless cat eyes in his latest 60 Second Sexy video.  Follow his simple steps to achieve this fool proof look.

The #1 trick for sexy cat eyes: Start with an eyebrow pencil. Yep, that’s right, we said eyebrow.Don’t dive into that liner right away and use an eyebrow pencil as training wheels for the eyeliner. Make guide marks on either side of your eyes. If you make a mistake, simply erase and start again. It’s much easier to erase light brow pencil marks than heavy black eyeliner! Be sure to keep your eyes open while making the guide marks to ensure an even application.

Once your guide marks are even and aligned, trace over them with your favorite black eyeliner for the perfect cat eye.

And voila! Perfect cat eyes in just about 60 seconds.

Do you have any favorite techniques for the perfect cat eye?