Brand Announcements: Wantable Intimates Quiz Changes Will Enhance Your Experience

The chatter at Wantable HQ is constantly buzzing with ways we can improve customer experiences.  Every email, Tweet, survey response, and phone call helps us better understand your needs and we take each and every one of them into consideration when making changes (really, if only you could see our brainstorming meetings. We talk for hours about these things…and it’s all for you).

We are very excited to announce some positive changes to our Intimates quiz. These changes will make the Intimates Collection more customizable and ultimately, give you more flexibility (can I get a “Whoohoo?!”). We hope that you embrace these changes and we encourage you to re-take the Intimates quiz so you can get the most out of your Wantable Intimates Collection!

Intimates Collection Quiz Changes:

1) We created a new lingerie category (OoLaLa!).

2) We rearranged the color and style questions so you can “Like/Love/Dislike” certain color combinations for different categories (i.e. maybe  you “Like” bright  panties, but don’t “Like” bright bras. Now you can customize each category’s color and style).

3) We renamed our styles: Neutral to Basic. Bright to Colorful. Pretty and Polished to Polished. Fun and Flirty to Flirty. Soft bra to Bra.

4) We added a sexy style option for lingerie and panties.

5) We combined tanks and camis into the loungewear category.

6) We combined the tights category with the hosiery category. Leggings became its own category.

7) We updated the sock height options to include ankle, knee, over-the-knee.

8) You can now tell us what kind of shape wear you’d like: tops, bottoms, one-pieces.

9) We added a question about sock patterns.

10) We added inseam to sizing.

The new intimates quiz will be available starting 11/2/14 at midnight.