Lifestyle: The Best Bra for Your Unique Body

What’s the best bra for my unique body?

I get this question all the time! The short answer: a bra that fits well is the best bra for you. Here are a few quick and easy tips that you can apply to any bra style to get your “girls” sitting pretty in no time.

Whining about wire? I hear you!

First ask yourself, what is your biggest complaint with most of your bras? For example, “my wires always dig in at the sides of my breast.” The most common culprit isn’t the bra style, it’s actually caused by wearing a cup size too small and a band size too big. Size up in the cup and down in the band you should be able to find a great fit with almost any style you choose.

Still not digging the wire? Try a wireless bra. ThirdLove is launching their True Bliss contour wire-free bra later this month. This bra promises to be the most comfortable bra in your lineup while still providing great shape and support. I love the fully convertible straps that can be worn as a halter or crisscrossed.

($49, Available in A-E (DD) cups)

Big or Small, but if it’s both?

The next common issue I hear most often is breast asymmetry. If I had a dollar for everytime a woman told me her left or right boob is a little bigger than the other, I would be a millionaire. Like I mentioned in my last post, when choosing a bra, you should always fit the bra to the larger breast so that you don’t spill out of the cup.

That’s sound advice, but I know what you’re thinking: what about my smaller breast? Luckily, bra designs are getting smarter and are finally addressing this issue. I designed The Equalizer Bra to solve this pesky problem. This gorgeous lace bra has small removable pads that you can use to even out your cleavage, or simply to just get more of a push-up. You can also use the pads in your other bras to give your smaller breast a lift

($68 available in A-E (DD) cups, including ThirdLove’s signature ½ cup sizes)

Let’s talk about it: Boob Sweat

The last issue I’ll address today is very common, but hardly ever talked about: the dreaded “boob sweat”. I put this in quotes because, well… that’s how women usually say it to me. This is an issue in hotter climates, or just for anyone who tends to run hot. Foam cups offer great shape and support but tend to suffocate our lady bumps. Your best bet is to go with an unlined bra that doesn’t have foam. This will give you the breathability you seek.

Still want a foam cup? Luckily foam has come a long way, and some brands like ThirdLove are starting to offer a new lightweight foam called spacer, it’s completely breathable and ultra-thin! Now your breasts can breathe a sigh of relief with The Feather Light spacer bra, coming just in time for spring. Buh-bye, boob sweat!

($68, Available in A-G (DDDD) cups)