A Day in the Life of a Wantable Buyer

Have you ever wondered how we find the amazing goodies inside your monthly Wantable Collection? We don’t mean to boast but think we have one of the best merchandising teams in the business. Each time they land a new brand or product, it’s like they’re conducting a little bit of retail magic. Magic that we hope you feel each and every time you open your personalized Collection.

How does this retail magic work? Our best-traveled buyer, Sarah Dusseau, is about to let you in on a few secrets and share what it’s like to be a buyer at Wantable. She recently took a trip to California (yes, all of her frozen WI coworkers were pretty jealous) in search for Fitness brands for our new Fitness Edit. We’ll let Sarah take it from here…

6:00 AM– Yawn, awake in yet another city for yet another trade show. This time though, I am in beautiful Dana Point, CA at the St. Regis Hotel. Sunshine, sea air, and activewear – makes for a great day! I fumble around in my suitcase for some yoga pants and tennies to hunt for a cup of coffee. As I walk through the very elaborate lobby to the coffee kiosk, I see a yoga brand hosting an outdoor early AM vinyasa class. I think for a second about joining them and then reconsider – the coffee wins, again.

8:00AM – Erin Featherston dress – check. Black heels – check. Wade & Belle patterned hose – check! I’m dressed and ready.

8:10 AM- Arrive at the hotel restaurant to ponder my day over eggs. Not much excitement here, but good food is key to my survival during a trade show.

9:00 AM – Game on! I hit the show floor as it opens.  It’s buzzing with energy and beautiful people… not that I would expect anything less at an activewear show in Southern California. I ask myself for the 10th time today, “Why do I live in Wisconsin again??” Oh yeah, those two little people in my life!

10:00 AM – I’m about ¼ of the way through the show floor and have spent the morning giving prospective new brands the low down our business model. Some are interested, others, not so much – but that’s ok, we always walk away with the best brands!

11:00 AM – Meeting with Soybu, an amazing yoga brand that our customers are going to love! They walk me through their line and immediately I am in love. How quickly can we get this!!??

Noon – Food time! I find myself at a nice lunch for buyers. At this point, I’m used to dining alone, but the seating is tight so I squeeze in with a couple of ladies who own a small shop in Santa Barbara. It’s always fun meeting new people on the road and hearing their stories! The hour passes quickly and I’m back on the show floor.

1:00 PM – Meeting with Climawear, a hip brand from Canada that specializes in seamless activewear. Not to mention, their price point is amazing – enough said!

 2:00 PM–  Time to field emails and calls from the office. Why is the warehouse in chaos every time I’m out of town?? Hmmm… some might say I plan for it like that!

3:00 PM – I randomly run into a former intern who is modeling for Fox Racing Active. I haven’t seen this lady in almost 9 years! Small world to say the least.

4:00 PM – Ugh, my feet are killing me! Why do I insist on wearing heals to a trade show? While I rest my feet, a printed pullover hoodie from Rebecca Michaels catches my eye. Hello beautiful.

5:00 PM – Back to the hotel room for a quick break before a social gathering in the hotel bar. Mingling with new brands is always fun!

7:00 PM – Last but not least, it’s time for a solo dinner at a restaurant around the corner from the hotel. Dining alone isn’t always my thing, but sushi & wine are, so I contemplate my day over chardonnay and spicy tuna.

9:00 PM– I’m exhausted and a sea of white goose down is calling my name. I set the alarm and dream about sourcing adventures for the following day!