Lifestyle: 4 No-Cook Spiralizer Recipes for the Hottest Days of the Year

Too hot to switch on the oven or stove? We have you covered. By turning vegetables into noodles, you’ll satisfy a yen for carbs and sneak in loads of nutrients – all without heating up the house. And because there’s no need to steam the vegetables beforehand, you’ll retain cancer-fighting nutrients and get a higher dose of vitamins A and C. If you feel extra ambitious, invest in a spiralizer. Depending on the model, it’ll only set you back somewhere between $20 to $50. The handy gadgets churn out linguine-like ribbons in minutes.

Once you twirl these lightened up noodles on your fork, you won’t even miss your beloved spaghetti.

beet-noodles(Photo courtesy of Inspiralized)

For the Prettiest Plate
The color of beets never ceases to wow us. For an even prettier presentation, pair the purple root vegetable with peas and arugula. Creamy dressing made with tahini completes the dish.
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sweet-potato-noodles(Photo courtesy of Food Faith Fitness)

An Alternative to Breakfast Burritos
You may only think of sweet potatoes when Thanksgiving rolls around, but there’s plenty of reason to eat the spuds throughout the year. The beta-carotene-rich veggie is good for your heart, skin, and hair. Topped with eggs and avocado, this breakfast dish keeps you full until lunch time.
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carrot-noodles(Photo courtesy of Inspiralized)

Curb a Takeout Craving
If a carton overflowing with lo mein is calling your name, whip up this low fat alternative. Oodles of carrots, broccoli, and grated ginger rival your favorite takeout spot when it comes to tastiness.
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For Farmers’ Market Finds
Since there’s mounds of tomatoes and zucchini at the markets right now, this recipe feels especially timely. Zucchini is sturdy enough to stand up to any sauce you ladle on without getting soggy. For robust flavor, top it with olive oil infused with thyme and roasted garlic.
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