Intimates Reviews: Wantable Intimates Collection Review – August 2015

Today I want to share with you my Intimates Collection from Wantable.

Wantable is a lifestyle company for stylish women and the Collections consist of intimates, accessories, and makeup. The process begins with an online style quiz – this helps the Wantable stylists know your likes and dislikes – and after that you will receive 3-5 items all hand picked just for you! The first box is $40 and $36 every month after that but don’t worry, you can stop your Collection at any time! Just contact Wantable’s AMAZING customer service team and they will take care of you!

Wantable also has new Fitness and Style Edits, which are equally as fabulous but a little different than the Collections. You pay a $20 styling fee and get 5 items per month. You then have 5 days to decide what you want to keep and you send back the rest! You are billed for only what you keep – pretty great!!

When it comes to my Intimates Collection I don’t mess with my quiz very often, I just let the stylists do their work but my favorite part about Wantable is that you can change your quiz every month if you want to. Do you want more bras this month? Just make sure you have that you “LOVE” bras on your quiz and you are ready to go!

This month my Intimates Collection has a total retail value of $76 – let’s take a look!


Oh.Em.Gee this Dreamwave Pajama Drama set is my JAM you guys!! I’m seriously so in love with both the tank ($16) and the shorts ($16) that it’s almost impossible to get me out of bed in the morning and dressed for work! Seriously, OBSESSED!! The shorts are super fun and colorful and the tank can almost pass as a non-sleep tank top (cough cough I’ve never actually worn it outside…) so all in all it’s the perfect sleepy time outfit! I’m a total shorts and tank top kind of gal while I sleep and this set just replaced my old one!

It’s wedding season and shapewear is almost a must under any dress so I was super excited when I saw this Major Mini Dress from Jewel Toned ($44) in my Collection. I have an obsession with shapewear so I KNOW my shapewear and I am super in love with this dress – it’s a must have! Of course it’s not a piece I’ll wear every day like the pajama set above but it’s sure something I’ll work into my fall wardrobe and it will be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner!

Although there were only three pieces in my Collection this Collection packed some serious punch! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to hop back in bed with my super comfy pajama set if you don’t mind. Until next time!

To learn more about Wantable and how you can get your own personalized Intimates Collection, click here.

*Disclaimer: Please note that this review reflects my own personal opinions on Wantable, their Accessories Collection, and the brands included within the subscription. I was compensated by Wantable for this honest review.