Brand Announcements: Wantable Turns Three

Wantable turns three this week! It’s been an exciting year and we’re thankful for each and every one of our fans and customers who have helped us along the way.

Year three was a big one for us:

1. We launched the Edit business model and added two new apparel categories: Fitness and Style.

2. We added a skincare category to our preexisting Makeup Collection.  Products in the new category include cleansers & exfoliators, moisturizers & creams, masks, anti-aging products, and makeup remover.

3. We customized the backend of our website to allow for a faster and more personalized user experience.

4. We expanded our warehouse to account for an influx of inventory and are currently remodeling a new office for a move mid-September (stay tuned for photos on Instagram!).

5. We tweaked our branding guidelines to better understand who the Wantable woman is and how to better cater to her needs. In the weeks to come, we will reveal a more simple and user-friendly website that encompasses these new guidelines.

6. We now have over 30 full-time employees who help improve the Wantable experience each and every day.

7. Most importantly, we learned more about what makes our customers happy.  Customer support truly means the world to us as we continue to learn and grow.

Wantable came from humble beginnings and we’ve come a long way in the past three years. When Wantable started in 2012, we were a mobile-only experience and offered just one product category. When we launched our first website a few months later, our first employee and current IT Manager, Casey Sobrilsky, would admittingly call it “super ugly.” The original site was pretty simple and made up of three basic pages: home page, product page, and checkout. It wasn’t until the next year when we’d add features you see today like ‘refer a friend,’ ‘gifting,’ and our proprietary ‘dynamic quiz.’ This past year, we completely customized the backend of the website and made it more conducive to our sophisticated business model.

Our Operations Manager, Kayla Kugel, was hired as our first Customer Advocate.  In the early days, she recalls praying for orders, sometimes getting just one or two each day.  The first products that left the Wantable “warehouse” (ie. conference room filled with product) were pre-assembled “packs” that corresponded to pre-determinded looks: Boho Beauty, Top Trendsetter, Glamour Girl or Classic Chic. Since day one, we’ve strived to provide excellent customer service and Kayla has memories of working around the clock to ensure she made every customer happy… at one point, she even knew them all by name!

After interacting with customers on a daily basis, it wasn’t long before we realized that they wanted more customization, which inspired a shift in our business model. This crucial shift towards personalization has become the key component of the business and has allowed us to expand into the categories we offer today (Makeup, Accessories, Intimates, Fitness, Style).  We now offer a proprietary Love, Like & Dislike scale on our Style Quiz and will never send a customer anything she Dislikes.

As we look forward to year four, we will continue to perfect our business model and give every customer the best possible Wantable experience. We will work hard to bring in more product when customers need it and to give them more of the products they want to receive. We will continue to make customer service our number one priority and will continue to make every customer interaction friendly and authentic. And just because we’re Wantable and we like to stay on our toes, we’ll probably have a few new features to offer, too… stay tuned for what’s to come.


Logo evolution:

logo evolution


Website evolution:

website evolution

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