The Ethical Obligation of Operating a Retail Subscription Company

With recent press highlighting the nefarious business practices of AdoreMe, JustFab, and a few other subscription companies,  I felt now was a good time to reiterate my commitment to our customers and employees.

I believe all businesses and business owners have the duty to operate ethically, provide the best product possible, treat customers the way they expect to be treated, and address any mistakes or issues openly and honestly when they happen. As a member of a growing group of Subscription Companies, I feel there are three additional principals we should all adhere to in order to build trust with our customers and improve the appeal of the subscription model:

#1: Never charge a customer for a subscription without notifying them in advance. Preferably, notifying them with enough time so they can cancel or skip their subscription prior to being billed.

#2:  Allow all customers to cancel their subscription via their online account, email or by phone.  Do not force customers to call into a call center. If you are willing to take their money without talking to them, you can also stop taking it without forcing them to talk to you.

#3: If you charge a customer, send them your product.  Never hold a customer’s money indefinitely without providing your product or service.

I believe Companies that fail to adhere to these principals not only threaten their own existence but also cast a negative light on companies that remain committed to establishing lasting relationships with customers and our community. At Wantable, these principles are at the core of our business. So is striving to surprise and delight with every unique Collection or Edit that leaves our doors.