Lifestyle: Comfort Food Recipes That Won’t Burst Your Buttons

As soon as the temperature plunges, the craving for comfort food sets in. Suddenly you’re consumed with thoughts of potpies topped with flaky crust and piping hot cups of cocoa. We show you how to leave out the butter and cream and still make dishes that satisfy your soul.

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Pot Pie
Who hasn’t ladled seconds (or thirds) of this hearty dish onto their plate? Baking servings in tiny ramekins prevents you from going overboard and the vegan pastry dough draped over the top lowers the fat content. We also love the versatility of this dish. You can toss in whatever veggies are in your fridge – carrots, potatoes, broccoli, you name it.
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Apple Crisp
Most crisps rely on butter and sugar to make them delicious. This lightened-up version incorporates coconut oil and maple sugar instead. Bonus: The crispy topping delivers a punch of protein since its packed with quinoa.
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Hot Chocolate
Nothing thaws you out on a gloomy day better than a mug of cocoa. And if it’s that time of the month, you’ll definitely want to brew a batch of this healthy recipe. Because its laced with maca, it may help regulate your menstrual cycle and ease a case of the blues. Plus, the swirl of rice malt syrup takes the place of refined sweeteners and prevents sugar highs. And thanks to the swirl of cocoa nibs, you won’t even miss the marshmallows.
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Butternut Bisque
When it comes to autumn’s harvest, butternut squash is one of the healthiest veggies out there. It bolsters your immunity during sniffle season and wards off heart disease thanks to high levels of carotenoids. The orange gourd has a velvety texture when pureed, so there’s no reason to add heavy cream when making soup. A drizzle of low-fat milk is all you need.
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