Fashion: 7 Glam Accessories Every Woman Should Own and How to Style Them

Time for a little pop quiz: What’s your style personality? Do you have the traditional, somewhat minimal tastes of classic style? Do you lean toward boho, flowing dresses and beaded, tasseled necklaces? Or are you a fan of sporty-chic looks that flawlessly blend jogger pants with heels? No matter what your sartorial preferences, one thing is for sure: You need to take a page out of the glamorous girls’ guide and start mixing glam accessories into your everyday (and night) outfits.

But what are glam accessories exactly, and why do you need them? Great questions. To put it simply, these styles are anything that glitters, shines, sparkles, and otherwise draws the eye (and everyone’s attention). Think statement pieces that are bold, flashy, sexy, and glitzy—they exude confidence and look super luxe.

And as for why you need them, they’re one of the easiest ways to add that little something extra to even your most basic outfits and help lend a bit of color and personality to everything you wear. So how do you wear them? Simple: Keep reading to find out which glam accessories every fashion-loving lady should have in her collection, plus the no-fail dos and don’ts for styling them to perfection.

 The 7 glam accessories every woman must own: 

  1. Statement necklace
  2. Drop stone and/or oversized rhinestone stud earrings
  3. Gilded or rhinestoned watch
  4. Faux-fur anything (we love scarves and stoles)
  5. Large cocktail ring
  6. Sparkly clutch
  7. Bold bracelet

The Dos & Don’ts of styling glam accessories:

Do: Use them to dress up everyday outfits…and take your look to the next level for a night out. A statement necklace can do wonders for adding sophistication to your basic white tee and jeans, while the right clutch or earrings can be paired with a sequined skirt or brocade dress to layer on the sexy during your next date night.

Don’t: Be afraid to mix textures. Try pairing sparkly, rhinestone studs with a faux-fur scarf or feathered necklace, or match a studded leather belt with a suede clutch and mixed-metal bracelet.

Easy outfit idea: For work, keep it simple yet fierce with slim black trousers, a matching silk button-down, a leopard-print or metal-plated belt, and an oversized cocktail ring.

Do: Dare to layer. The only thing better than one glam necklace or bracelet? Two (or six). Try mixing a shorter, bejeweled necklace with a longer tasseled or chain link version, or accessorize shiny, sparkly bangles with a glitzy jeweled watch to create the perfect stacked look.

Don’t: Go overboard. Too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing, so avoid wearing a statement necklace with statement earrings when possible, especially if wearing drop earrings with a shorter statement necklace. Balance is key, so take a step back and make sure there’s not too much sparkle and shine going on in just one area of your outfit.

Easy outfit idea: On the weekend, slip into a simple long-sleeve tee, mid-wash boyfriend jeans, suede booties, a faux-fur vest, rhinestone drop earrings, and a wrist full of stacked bracelets for days of brunching, shopping, and relaxing with friends.

Do: Let a showstopping piece do all the talking. Long, collar-grazing tasseled earrings, for example, lend endless sophistication to an otherwise-minimal dress or sleek, going-out top, while a clustered stone statement necklace can add dimension to an all-black ensemble.

Don’t: Forget about non-jewelry pieces. Clutches and bags, brooches, belts, sunglasses, jeweled collars, and even hair accessories can add a little bit of luxe to every outfit in your closet (and isn’t that what every girl wants anyway?).

Easy outfit idea: For your next night out, turn to your go-to LBD and top it off with a fringed metal necklace, gilded clutch, lacquered bangles, and strappy, sky-high heels.

What are your favorite big, bold sparkly accessories?