Fitness: Undo the Damage with These Post-Holiday Detox Tips

Everyone knows the holidays have a way of throwing a wrench into your healthy routine. Suddenly a handful of sugar cookies stands in for a meal and yoga classes get skipped in favor of happy hours. Put these tips into action as soon as Christmas has passed or wait until the New Year’s Eve glitz has settled. Each one is simple solution to getting back on track.

Start the Day with a Spritz of Citrus
Sipping warm lemon water right after you roll out of bed is one of the easiest ways to reset your system. The two-ingredient beverage aids digestion because it’s packed with citric acid, so help yourself to a glass each morning. (To get the most impact, eat breakfast 15-30 minutes afterward.) It also has an energizing effect, so much so that you may be able to skip that pre-work latte.

Get a Jump On It
Incorporate some bounce into your exercise routine if you’re serious about booting toxins. Rebounding classes (or plain old jumping rope) help clear out your tissue and colon. Plus, hopping up and down has a way of lifting your mood if you’re smack in the middle of a post-holiday slump.

Schedule a Massage
Most people feel rundown after back-to-back family events, so if your stocking is stuffed with cash, book a massage right away. Seek out a practitioner that’s skilled in lymphatic drainage since placing gentle pressure on the ribcage, neck, and lower back can ease stress and boost immunity levels.

Rethink Your Cup of Tea
It’s likely that chamomile and peppermint are already in your cupboard, so the next time you hit the store, pick up a box of dandelion tea. The pretty yellow flower stimulates the liver and helps flush out toxins, which is something you desperately need after that candy cane binge.

Resist the Juice Cleanse
It’s tempting to exist solely on green juice once the holidays have past. However an overambitious detox plan can set you up for failure. Slowly readjust by sketching out a meal plan for the weeks ahead. Fill it with simple soups and salads that are easy on the belly.