Accessories Reviews: Wantable Accessories Collection – January 2017

Happy 2017, everyone! Before we talk about my Accessories Collection, let me tell you about my favorite company – Wantable.

Wantable is a personal styling service for men women that offers Accessories, Makeup, and Intimates Collections along with Style and Fitness Edits. Wantable most recently added a Men’s Fitness Edit to the mix.

To sign up for an Accessories Collection, you’ll take an online quiz stating your likes and dislikes, and after you finish your quiz, a stylist takes those notes and personally creates the Collection of your dreams. My favorite part about the quiz is that you can take it as many times as you want. Do you want sunglasses this month? Not a problem. Make sure you “love” sunglasses on your quiz and if you really want a specific type, leave a note for your personal stylist. It’s really that simple.

Now let’s get to the good stuff – the accessories! This month my Collection had a total value of $101 and remember how I talked about the quiz? It comes into play this month for sure. Take a look!

Christine Bracelet ($31)

I love this month’s Collection because everything goes together so nicely and it’s a group of items I probably wouldn’t have picked out myself.  The items in this Collection are more Rock and Roll than I’m used to, but I love it all. This Christine Bracelet ($31) is the most expensive item in my Collection this month and I have to be honest, I’m surprised – I would have thought the necklace would have been. However, I think the bracelet is the coolest item so I guess that makes sense. I don’t own anything like this in my personal collection and the wrap style is on-trend right now. I love the beads with a hint of bling and I cannot wait to wear this piece!

Dessie Necklace ($26)

The Dessie necklace ($26) has metal chain details, and because of this, I never would have picked it out for myself. I love how the necklace has a little bit of bling and that despite the chains, it’s not too heavy.

Jannette Earrings ($16)

The Jannette Earrings ($16) are super cool and, again, something I don’t have in my personal collection. A few months ago, I changed my quiz to “love” hoop earrings, and I’m happy to report that I’ve been receiving them ever since. I love that the shape of these hoops are a little more sophisticated than your typical hoop and would transition well from the office to happy hour. I will keep this classic pair in my personal collection for a long time!

Josephine Bracelet ($28)

I’m excited about the Josephine Bracelet ($28) because it’s not just one bracelet, but three! I feel like a broken record in this post, but I don’t have any pieces like this in my current collection and I’m excited to expand my horizons. I have been wearing all three bracelets together (I love the cute clinking sound they make), but you could also wear each one alone or stacked with others.

All-in-all, this Collection was awesome because every item was something I didn’t have in my current jewelry collection. I would have never picked these items for myself so yet again, the Wantable stylists are on point! I cannot wait to see what will be in next month’s Collection.

To learn more about Wantable and how you can get your own personalized Accessories Collection, click here.

*Disclaimer: Please note that this review reflects my own personal opinions on Wantable, their Accessories Collection, and the brands included in the subscription. I was compensated by Wantable for this honest review.