Beauty Buzz: 6 Earth-Friendly Brands We Love

With Earth Day quickly approaching (it’s April 22, BTW), people everywhere are paying more attention to their impact on the environment, whether it’s what they eat, how they recycle,  what products they use, and even what they wear. In fact, eco-focused, organic, and sustainable fashion and beauty brands have been popping up by the dozen over the last decade, which is great for you and even better for the environment. But it also makes it difficult to know which brands are the best. So to help out, we’ve narrowed it down to six of our favorites (all of which are available to order through our Makeup Collection, Fitness Edit, and Style Edit). Keep reading to see which companies made the cut.

The brand: Bellápierre

Why we love it: Every product from this natural, mineral-based make-up brand guarantees glowing skin, vibrant color, and an au-natural look. So in other words, you’ll pull off that amazing-without-even-trying trend, all while keeping your skin healthy (and the earth even healthier).

The product you have to have: With just the right amount of shine, Bellápierre’s Shimmer Powders don’t clump or fade, and instantly liven up every look. Plus, they come in literally dozens of colors, so you can find the perfect match for any occasion or outfit.

Bellápierre Shimmer Powder

The brand: Niyama Sol

Why we love it: Whether you’re a true yogi or just enjoy a good child’s pose every now and then, this yoga-wear brand is the one whose clothes you want to be wearing when you hit the mat. From leggings and sports bras to relaxed tanks and jewelry–all in out-of-this-world prints—the brand has sustainability at the core of every single design. That’s because its pieces are made from a specialty fabric called RPET, a lightweight fiber sourced from recycled polyester, plastic bottles and other post-consumer products.

Niyama Sol

The brand: Antonym

Why we love it: This eco-luxe beauty collection is gentle on skin, made from natural and organic ingredients, and none of its products are tested on animals. Even the packaging is earth-friendly, using natural and sustainable bamboo, plus vegan brushes.

The product you have to have: Mineral-based, made with natural ingredients, and available in three neutral colors, Antonym’s lipstick pencils are made with sunflower oil and shea butter to keep lips soft and moisturized.

Antonym Lipstick Pencil

The brand: Valley Green Naturals

Why we love it: What started as a farmhouse-made soap recipes has quickly turned into the body-safe, eco-friendly beauty and skincare brand that is Valley Green Naturals. Sourcing many of its ingredients from nearby farms, the brand’s skin, hair, and body care products are free from chemicals that can harm humans and the earth, such as sulfates, phtalates, parabens, and petrochemicals.

The products you have to have: Gentle on normal and oily skin, the Activated Charcoal Honey Cleanser works wonders at drawing impurities out of the skin, as well as leaving skin smoother and softer after each use. We’re also obsessed with the Dead Sea Mineral Masque, which gives you all the luxury of a spa facial (but from the comfort of your couch).

Valley Green Natural Activated Charcoal Honey Cleanser

The brand: Mineral Hygenics

Why we love it: Using minimal, all-natural ingredients (think rice powder and mica) to create products that look good on your skin and do good for your skin, its lineup of mineral makeup includes everything from foundations and mascaras to eyeshadows and lipsticks.

The product you have to have: The brand’s mineral eyeshadows not only provide soft, smooth, and super-flattering coverage, but they also come in tons of shades, from feminine purples to sultry browns.

Mineral Hygenics’ Mineral Eye Shadow

The brand: Joe’s Jeans

Why we love it: You’ve probably been wearing their perfectly fitting jeans for years, but did you know that this super-popular denim brand has a line of eco-friendly blues too? Made with 60% less water and 30% less energy consumption, the jeans come in flare, skinny, straight leg, and high rise styles, just to name a few.

Want to add some eco-friendly products to your makeup, fitness, and clothing collections? Order a Makeup Collection, Fitness Edit, or Style Edit today, and let your personal stylist know you want to go eco.