September’s Stylist of the Month: Madelyn

September’s Stylist of the Month has seen Wantable grow from a small company offering just two categories to where we are today. She’s been with us for three out of our four years and has helped thousands of customers enhance their personal style with our Collections and Edits.  When she’s not at the Wantable HQ styling, she’s finishing her final semester as a dental hygienist. Learn more about her below!

Likes: My cat, Flamin Hot Cheetos, talking to older people
Hobbies: Online window shopping, stalking local menus, doodling while listening to podcasts
Dislikes: Changing plans, uncomfortable shoes, accidentally taking a four hour nap

How long have you worked at Wantable?
I’ve worked here for three years now! It’s crazy to think that I was hired on as the 12th employee when we were only offering Makeup and Accessories collections. We’re now moving up to 60 employees and five different categories!

What do you love most about being a stylist?
I love finding pieces that a customer wouldn’t normally pick out but ends up loving. I always encourage customers to open up their preferences and try out some new styles because you never know what you’ll end up loving!

What piece of advice do you have for customers to get the best Wantable experience?
Download the Wantable app to browse through the Stream and make requests. Also be sure to upload a picture of yourself through the app under your user profile. We love seeing the occasion pet pics or family photos but a full body pic or selfie
really helps us style you!

What’s your favorite brand at Wantable?
I love Glyder from our Fitness Edits. The material, cuts, designs, everything.

What’s one piece you think every girl should have in her closet?
I giant chunky soft sweater. It’s the perfect thing to throw on when you feel like being hugged all day. We all have those days.

What’s your favorite FALL trend?
I love all of the deep jewel tones that come with Fall and getting to wear booties again!

What are some accessories you can’t live without?
An easy carryall wallet that fits my phone, keys, Chapstick, and moola.

Who’s your celebrity style inspiration?
Nazanin Mandi. She displays a mix of so many different styles but still keeps it simple and sassy, which I appreciate.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Condiments. I recently got referred to as the “condiment queen” after explaining that my mac n cheese pizza (it’s a Wisconsin thing, ok?) was slathered in BBQ sauce, hot sauce, and ranch. Yummm! 

What’s something you want customers to know about you?
I’m currently juggling my time between being a stylist at Wantable and my final semester of dental hygiene school. I love having the two very contrasting things going on!

Any fun facts about yourself?
I make really strange facial expressions and only like tomatoes sliced, not diced. (No chunky salsa for this one)

What’s your favorite thing to do in Milwaukee?
I love spending time outside in Milwaukee. There are so many beautiful hidden walking trails and places with great views! Not to mention patio season is at its peak and becoming even more enjoyable with Fall quickly approaching.

Where can we follow you on Social media? 
I’m on instagram @ madds_miller. Check it out for a bunch of pictures of my kitty, Delilah.