Work It Out: Sports Bras 101: The Styles You Need for Every Kind of Workout

When it comes to working out, we all have our personal preferences. Some of us like to keep it mellow with yoga and muscle-toning Pilates classes, while others like sweat it out in super-high-cardio sessions. But there’s one thing we can probably all agree on: half the fun of working out is the cute (yet functional) clothes you get to wear while doing it.

However, just because a piece looks good doesn’t necessarily mean it’s made for the type of workout you’re doing—especially when it comes to sports bras, where the one-type-fits-all approach definitely does not apply. That’s because the intensity and type of workouts you do can require dramatically different support levels from your sports bra. Not sure where to find the right bra for your activity level? Keep reading for our tips and recommendations, then order a Fitness Edit ASAP and ask your personal stylist for your favorites.

If you love yoga, then you’ll love the Sun Salutation Bra

Sun Salutation Bra by Free People

Perfect for low-impact activities like yoga and Pilates, this sports bra provides an incredible range of motion for all the deep stretches and warrior poses you could ever dream of. Its mesh lining offers tons of breathability, while its gorgeous strappy detailing provides just the right amount of lightweight support—and the perfect dose of style.

If you love hitting the gym, then you’ll love the Ignite Bra

Ignite Bra by Glyder Apparel

If you’re more of the weight lifting and cardio dance class kind of girl, a medium-impact sports bra is definitely the way to go. This one comes with a thicker under-bust band to provide more support, and subtle strappy detailing adds some personality to your fitness style. A scooped-out neckline works for large and small busts, while its surprisingly soft, moisture-wicking fabric is designed to maintain its color and shape even after repeated washing.

If you love running, then you’ll love the Ultimate Sports Bra

Ultimate Sports Bra by SheFit

This is the queen of all sports bras, designed for high-impact activities like running (and any other workout where you’re likely to bounce around). Front-zip closures, a cinchable bust band, and fully-adjustable straps make it the most supportive option out there, no matter your cup or bust size. Plus, its multiway strap design means you can change up your look with each workout.

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