Press: Wantable Raises $800,000

November 14, 2016 – Wantable, Inc., the #1 in-home shopping service for Women’s fineness and athleisure¬†apparel, raises $800,000 in Series C funding.

Milwaukee, WI – Wantable, Inc. (, the leading category specific in-home shopping service for women closed an $800000 Series C funding round December 12th. The investment will enable Wantable to continue to expand into a larger facility and will accelerate Wantable’s mission of moving the Shopping experience from the Department store to the customer’s home.

Wantable previously raised $4.3 million in two rounds of financing, bringing the company’s total funding just over $5 million. Annual revenue has grown more than 28,000% since 2012. And the company is on pace to more than double revenue in 2017.

“Wantable’s approach is unique in that it moves the shopping experience from the department store to the customer’s living room,” commended Wantable’s President, Jalem Getz. “Customers no longer want to drag their friends to the mall, they would rather get input via text messaging or social without the sales pressure or the time constraints associated with traditional store-based shopping,” he added.

Founder and President Jalem Getz is no newcomer to startups. his last company, BuySeasons, initially raised $2.5 million and was sold to Liberty Media in 2006. When Jalem left BuySeasons in 2010, the company had annual revenue in excess of $165,000,000.

About Wantable, Inc. 

Wantable offers an in-home personal shopping service, delivering hand-picked assortments of specialty products to buy men and women on a reoccurring basis. Each month, stylists hand-pick beauty, fashion, accessories, intimate apparel, fitness apparel, and ready-to-wear apparel from boutique, specialty, and premium vendors to ensure that each shipment is filled with the best on-trend items each month.

Wantable, Inc. boasts 73 full-time employees working in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point, including Jalem Getz, founder and president. Prior to Wantable, Inc., Mr. Get founded BuySeasons, Inc. In 1999, and served as President and CEO until 2010. BuySeasons is the largest online retailer and supplier of costume supplies. GMI quickly became one of Wisconsin’s fastest growing companies and the largest seasonal retailer in Milwaukee.