Style Reviews: Wantable Style Edit Review – November 2016

I’ve always found that winter is the most difficult season to dress for. It’s a constant effort to not fall into the boring routine of wearing boots, jeans and a sweatshirt every day, purely for comfort and warmth. With snow covering the streets and the sun setting before I leave work at five, it’s hard to get excited about fashion.

That is unless Wantable is sending you wonderful, personalized items every month! Then it’s impossible not to get excited and inspired to create stylish outfits.

Here’s how it works: after paying a $20 styling fee that later comes off the total of what you keep, you fill out a quick and easy style quiz to indicate your fashion preferences and sizes. Through this, the stylists find seven items that are uniquely fitted to you.

When your Edit is delivered, you have five days to try everything on and decide which items you want to keep. For anything you don’t want, you simply stuff it into the prepaid USPS envelope included in your Edit and ship it back free-of-charge.

If you keep five or more items, you receive 20% off your entire purchase. Plus, don’t forget to take off the original $20 styling fee!

Here’s a look at what I received this month- personally, one of my favorite Edits to date with a perfect mix of winter and holiday fashion.

Matty M, Asymmetrical Sweater in Black, $105

This fabric is so soft. The asymmetrical design makes this item stand out in your closet, a more unique and edgy option that warrants replacing your staple black sweater.

BB Dakota, Bristow Midi Lace Dress, $114

When I close my eyes and imagine the perfect holiday party outfit, this gorgeous lace dress by BB Dakota comes to mind. It fits like a glove and features an elegant nude underlay. For class and sass, this is a must-have for the holiday season.

Zac & Rachel, Ankle Slim Leg Pant in Black, $49

Wrinkle-resistant work pants are a must! These slim-fitting pants are comfortable and professional, with a slightly more modern twist to keep you looking stylish and fresh. For all my young professionals out there, these are a great addition to your work wardrobe.

BB Dakota, Warner Turtleneck Sweater in Oatmeal, $95

Imagine sitting by the fire with some hot cocoa in this comfy turtleneck sweater. With cold, snowy days fast approaching, this sweater can be paired with simple skinny jeans for a warm and comfy, yet totally stylish outfit.

Kut, Mia Skinny Accepting Wash, $89

Speaking of the perfect pair of skinny jeans! These jeans are stretchy and lightweight, one of the most comfortable pair of jeans I’ve ever worn.

Chaser, Steer Head Tee Misty, $59

I’m not a huge fan of this shirt’s country vibe. I’m all about edgy shirts, but this one just doesn’t match my tastes. It is comfortable and loose, though, with a light fabric perfect for a lazy Saturday of running errands and relaxing in the house.

Le Lis, Navy Printed Dress $49

A floral print can happily trick you into thinking we aren’t headed towards the season of polar vortexes. Quick, wear this autumn-inspired dress before heavy fabrics and knee-high boots take over your winter style!

The total for all seven pieces is $560. Once you subtract the $20 styling fee and the 20% off for keeping five or more items, you’re left with a grand total of only $428 for this seven-piece variety of winter essentials! Not too shabby.