Fitness: The Best Bra a Fitness Fan Could Ask For

You know that friend who’s there for you through thick and thin, the good times and the bad, your ups and downs? The one who always supports you no matter what you’re going through? Well, you may not believe it, but we think we’ve found the sports bra equivalent of that friend. We introduced you to the Shefit Bra recently (in this post about sports bras for every type of workout), but a style this special and supportive deserves some extra attention.

It all started as an experiment nearly 10 years ago, when Shefit founder Sara Marie was frustrated that she couldn’t find a sports bra that made her feel comfortable and confident while working out. (We’ve all been there, right?) That’s why she set out to create a style that can not only handle high-impact workouts with ease, but can also fit and support women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and activity levels. The result: an ultra-customizable bra that allows for a more comfortable, supportive fit and lift, whether you’re getting sweaty at the gym or doing yoga at home.

Three ways it guarantees the perfect fit

1. Adjustable straps: Each Shefit bra features 1-inch-wide straps that come with more than 15 inches of adjustability—the higher the cinch on the shoulders, the more lift and support you’ll get. Plus, the straps don’t stretch, so once you set it, you can forget it (meaning your bra won’t loosen up right as your workout gets intense).

2. Personalized bust band: The 2-inch bust band never stretches or rolls, and can be cinched or loosened for more than 8 inches of adjustability.

3. Front zipper: Keep the bra zipped all the way for additional lift and support, or loosen it as you please for a little more flexibility.

A few more reasons to love the Shefit bra

1. A multiway design lets you wear the straps in a cross-back or standard H-back shape (meaning you can change up your look from workout to workout).

2. Its reinforced power-mesh lining offers comfortable compression to support your girls and create a super-flattering shape.

3. It’s made of moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cooler while getting your sweat on.

4. Shefit’s extra-detailed size chart helps you get a more accurate, personalized fit.

Ready to find your workout wardrobe’s new BFF? Order one of our Fitness Edits today and ask your personal stylist to send you a Shefit bra. You may also request it here.