Meet December’s Stylist of the Month: Eleanor

Likes: blue mascara, impressionist painters, creamcity brick
Hobbies: rock climbing, cooking, reading historical fiction
Dislikes: clutter, talk radio, slow walkers

What do you love most about being a stylist?
I love getting the chance to broaden our customers’ sense of style by picking out pieces they might not expect.

What piece of advice do you have for customers to get the best Wantable experience?
Communication is key! Through your notes, feedback, impressions and requests, we can get the most accurate sense of the type of pieces you are looking for.

What’s one piece you think every girl should have in her closet?
A classic pair of neutral, everyday sneakers is a must in every girl’s closet. I couldn’t live without my old school gray adidas with white accent stripes or my white high top original chuck taylors.

How would you classify your own personal style?
An interesting mix of classic, tomboy, with a sporty edge. I’ve believe that less is more and a certain sense of minimalism is important to my personal esthetic.

What’s your favorite brand at Wantable?
Beyond Yoga has some amazing high quality fitness and athleisure pieces that are perfect for any activity. The products are unbelievably soft and made in the USA.

What’s your favorite winter trend?
Wide-brimmed felt hats are my favorite trend this winter. It is an easy accessory that adds a chic touch to any look this season. I love to pair mine with boyfriend jeans, a great sweater and booties.

Accessory you can’t live without.
I can’t live without my gold chain necklace that I got on the gold bridge in Florence, Italy. It never comes off!

What makeup is always in your bag? 
Sunscreen. I have fair skin and you never know when you might need it regardless of the season.

What’s something you want customers to know about you?
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Textile and Fashion design from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. I’ve developed my own line of fitness apparel and specialize in designing unique prints and patterns.

What’s your favorite holiday song?
Cold December Night by Michael Buble!

What’s one thing you’d like to cross off of your bucket list in 2017?
I would very much like to go hiking in Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon this upcoming year. They are two places I have been dying to see and experience first hand.

If you could have dinner with anyone famous (living or dead) who would it be?
I would love to sit down and have dinner with Audrey Hepburn. She has always been an inspiration to me through her life’s work and unique story.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Milwaukee, Wantable’s HQ?
Craft Breweries are a great way to explore different local neighborhoods while enjoying what Milwaukee does best! From Good City, Third Space, Lakefront, Black Husky, MKE, Brenner, Enlightened, MobCraft and many more, you will never run out of places to try.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Premium denim is without a doubt my guilty pleasure. They’re well worth the investment if you take care of them properly.

Any final fun facts about yourself?
I am S.C.U.B.A certified, I like to pheasant hunt, and I will never say no to watching any of the original Star Wars movies.

Do you have any social media accounts where customers can follow you?
@eleanorjfink on Instagram or Eleanor Fink Designs on Facebook.