Makeup Reviews: Wantable Makeup Collection – December 2016

Wantable is a lifestyle company that offers an Accessories, Intimates, and Makeup Collection, and every Collection process starts out the same – with an online style quiz. This is my favorite Wantable feature because you can change your quiz every month if you would like. I used to put my Collections on auto-pilot and get similar items each month, but the changes I have made to my quiz have been awesome and I’m so happy to share with you all my goodies!

Each Collection contains 3-5 personally selected items and Collections start at $40 for your first Collection. After that first Collection, your subscription is only $36 from. And if you want to skip a month or cancel, there is no fee, just easy, great customer service!

Wantable also has Fitness and Style Edits, which are just as fabulous, but a little different than the Collections. You pay a $20 styling fee and get five items per month. You then have five days to decide what to keep and you can send back the rest. You are billed for only what you keep.

Every Collection has a total retail value of at least $70 and this month, I’m happy to report my Collection has a retail value of wait for it…$143!! WOW!! Seriously, best Makeup Collection yet, it’s so good! Let’s begin, shall we!?

Restorative Daily Creme ($54)

When I opened my Collection this month I literally squealed with excitement when I saw this Restorative Daily Creme ($54) for two reasons: #1) I desperately needed a new night creme; #2) I don’t think I’ve ever received a lotion or creme before. The product is all-natural and it’s thick and creamy texture is perfect for a night creme. Now, I could use this both day and night, but because of how thick it is, I use it for a night creme. I usually spend around $30-$60 on facial cremes so the fact that this came in my Collection just tickles me so, I love it! I really could have just been happy with this product but keep on reading!

Blush Stripes Illuminating ($35)

This item is my second favorite in this month’s Collection; I love this! If you have been paying attention to makeup trends for 2016 you probably know that highlighters are all the rage right now. They are so on-trend that you can’t watch a makeup tutorial on YouTube without seeing some sort of look completed with a highlighter so having a new one to play with makes me so happy! The blush color is perfect for my pale skin tone and the shimmer is on point; it’s not too much or too little.  The consistency of the product is creamy and wonderful. This product is totally worth the $35 retail value, but I’m so happy to get it in my Collection!

Eye Shadow Palette Warm Shimmer ($35)

My philosophy on eye shadow pallets is you can never have too many so this Eye Shadow Palette ($35) is right up my alley! I love that the palette showcases brown and bronze colors since I usually wear those every day. The palette itself is a nice quality that will hold up in my makeup bag day in and day out. The shadows themselves have a nice pigment; they aren’t crazy pigmented and you have to add a layer or two to your eyes to get the perfect shade, but all and all, I’m super happy with this new palette!

Pot Gloss Sexy ($19)

This lipgloss ($19) is my least favorite item in my Collection. However, it’s not because it’s not a good product, but because I had three other AMAZING products. This gloss looked like an opaque plum color when I swatched it,  but it’s actually pretty clear on my lips. It’s a nice consistency – not too sticky – and the fact that it’s small and can go right into my purse is great for a gal-on-the-go.

All-in-all, a great Collection this month! I’m obsessed with my new night creme and I really could have received just that, but of course Wantable delivered and I had one of the best Makeup Collections yet! I think changing my quiz to “love” skin care was one of the best things I did.

To learn more about Wantable and how you can get your own personalized Makeup Collection, click here.

*Disclaimer: Please note that this review reflects my own personal opinions on Wantable, their Accessories Collection, and the brands included in the subscription. I was compensated by Wantable for this honest review.