Fashion: Sweater Weather (Yep, It’s Officially Here)

With winter finally making its way around and temperatures dropping way below zero in many parts of the country, it’s pretty clear that sweater weather is here. What’s not so certain is if everyone’s ready for it. After all, with everything going on this time of year (holiday parties, last-minute gifting, traveling to visit family, etc.), it’s easy to neglect your cold-weather wardrobe.

But not anymore—because this year, you’re going to whip your sweater collection into shape before the freezing season really kicks into gear. How? First, you’ll update your Wantable preferences to make sure you’re even receiving sweaters (more details below!). Then you’re going to stock up on three superstar styles that’ll keep you ultra-cozy in even the lowest of temps—all available when you order one of our Style Edits.

Update Your Preferences

Ideally, you should update your style quiz and preferences at least once a season, which means right this second is the perfect time to do so for winter. Sign into your account at, click on the icon in the top right corner of your screen, then select “Account”. Once you get to the account page, scroll down to “Subscriptions” and click “Update Preferences” under the Style section. This will bring you to your style quiz: Make any necessary changes to reflect your updated loves, likes, and dislikes.

Next, click “Continue Customization” until you get to the page that says “Which types of apparel would you like to receive?” If you’re in a climate that’s super cold, we’d recommend choosing “love” for sweaters. If you’re in a climate that’s temperate, choose “like” or “love,” depending how much and often you’d like to receive sweaters. If you’re one of those people who live in a warm-year-round location, only choose “like” or “love” for sweaters if you truly want to receive them (even if you don’t really need them).

You can customize your sweater preferences even further by choosing what type of sweaters you’d like to receive in your Edit. Which brings us to our three must-own sweater styles of the season….

Sweater No. 1: The Pullover

The pullover is the most classic of sweaters and is truly a wardrobe MVP when winter rolls around. It can be thick, thin, textured, chunky, cashmere, cotton, or a million other things, with one common factor: It’s designed to pull on over your head. Pullovers can be worn on their own or under a jacket, and can easily be layered over a tissue-thin tee or turtleneck, on top of a dress, or above a button-down with the collar peeking out. They’re great for a little extra warmth, are endlessly versatile, and can go with everything from pants and leggings to jeans and skirts.

Sweater No. 2: The Poncho

This drapey-chic style is a blanket-like sweater made from one piece of fabric, with an opening for your neck and larger openings for your arm. It’s a swingy, breathable sweater that happens to offer a ton of coziness, especially when it comes in a thick rib, chunky knit texture, or with a turtleneck. We love ours in a neutral hue or subtle pattern, and they look best when paired with a slim bottom (think leggings or skinny jeans) and booties to balance out the roominess up top.

Sweater No. 3: The Cardigan

This layering hero is an effortless way to add a lightweight dose of warmth when it’s not quite freezing outside, but wearing just a long-sleeved top isn’t going to cut it. Try tossing it on over a cami or silky-button down, and make sure to stash one in the office (where it seems to be cold all year round). Whether you choose a clean-collar version, a waterfall collar, or a chunky grandpa cardigan, this is one layer no woman should go through winter without.

Ready to get your sweater game in order? Update your style quiz ASAP, order a Style Edit, then make sure to let your personal stylist know which type of sweaters you’d love to receive.