Ipsy Reviews: Ipsy Review – January 2017

Wantable is an online lifestyle service for women on the go that provides unique Collections (makeupaccessoriesintimates) and Edits (fitness apparel and style) that are tailored to fit each customer’s tastes, wants and needs. We love the discovery shopping space and are big fans of other companies in the industry too, like Ipsy. As experts in personal shopping, we wanted to share our honest thoughts on some of the goodies that arrive at our doorstep each month!

Ipsy – January 2017

This month’s Ipsy is dedicated to city babes! Life can get a bit hectic in between flagging down cabs and waiting in line for the best bagels, so Ipsy’s got you covered on samples that help when you’re pressed for time.

IT Cosmetics, Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Anti-Aging Concealer
WhatThis concealer has full-coverage and a completely waterproof formula, but with a little bit of radiance that makes everything better, making it a must-have for early mornings or late nights.
Verdict: This formula did erase my dark circles, even it if was a bit thick and difficult to blend.

Trust Fund Beauty, Lip Gloss 
WhatEasily buildable, one coat delivered a rosy sheen, two coats added a more noticeable flush to our lips
Verdict: Love the neutral color and the pigmented formula, perfect for a no makeup look!

pur~lisse, Blue Lotus Seed 5-in-1 Mud Mask + Exfoliant
What: As a rule, mud masks can be well, messy, but this one makes you feel more like you’re at the spa than running a tough mudder.
Verdict: This mask was a bit harsh on my sensitive skin, but my face looked glowy and bright once the redness faded.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics, Paradise Blush
What: The warm pink with apricot undertones brightens up pale complexions, but also pops on darker skin…no small feat in the blush world.
Love, love, love! This blush is the perfect burst of color without being overwhelming.

Ciate London, GEOLOGY Top Coat
What: Paint on this top coat and you’ll get the same salon-worthy shine, long-lasting wear, and that plump and full look that you just can’t get from plain polish.
Verdict: I popped this on my nails and didn’t see a single chip for days- this is a new must-have addition to my nail polish collection.

Why Ipsy is awesome:
– You receive 4-5 products and many of them are full-sized!
– You can test great products you might have never tried otherwise.
– It’s a great way to try new variety of brands and beauty products.
– Great price! $10/month is easy on your pocketbook.
– The makeup bags are cute and great for storing extra makeup.

Things we don’t love about Ipsy:
– It’s not personalized. You fill out a quick quiz, but there’s no way of knowing if the products received really match our preferences.
– Clutter. We have so many drug store finds, but wish we had more high end brands.
– Too many bags! While they’re cute at first, they eventually become a bit of a nuisance.
– Returns aren’t offered so you’re stuck with any items you don’t like.

If you love Ipsy, you might like Wantable, too!
– Categories include Collections: Makeup, Accessories, Intimates OR Edits: Fitness Apparel.
– Personally tailored to you. With a 32-question proprietary Like, Love, and Dislike scale, customers get exactly what they’re looking for.
– Products are always full-sized.
– Keep what you love, return what you don’t. Customers can return anything they don’t like for a refund.
– It’s a discovery! Wantable sends niche brands that you might not know about, but we think you’ll love! We often send high-end brands, too!
– Free shipping for US customers (return shipping is free, too!)
– Earn “keep all” credits for discounted Collections.

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*Disclaimer: Please note that this review reflects my own personal opinions on Ipsy and Wantable, and the brands included within the subscription.