Fitness: What’s New in Athleisure: 3 Trends to Try Right Now

In the world of style, trends always seem to come and go. And while that may be the case, there are some fashion fads that stick around much longer than others. So long, in fact, that those trends actually begin to have trends in themselves—and that’s definitely the case with athleisure. The casual-but-cool look takes clothes normally fit for the gym (think leggings, tees, hoodies, etc.) and makes them totally acceptable—even super chic—to wear in non-workout settings, whether it’s running errands on the weekend or heading to the local coffee shop for your favorite latte.

And to help you look as on-trend as possible with your ever-growing athleisure wardrobe, we’re showing you three micro-trends that are popping up everywhere in the world of athleisure (which just so happen to be available when you order one of our Fitness Edits).

Laid-back Luxe

This mini-trend truly captures the essence of athleisure style: taking extra-relaxed staples and giving them a slightly upscale touch to keep you looking sleek instead of sloppy. That means adding details like leather paneling, lace trim, and mesh insets to otherwise simple styles, taking them beyond basic territory to a slightly edgy, somewhat-feminine level. Glam and graphic touches are also making an appearance, whether it’s in the form of metallic detailing, bold prints, or even cheeky tees.

Haute Hustle

Clothes you’d actually work out in (and not just hang around in) are the starting point for this athleisure trend, which gets way more stylish when you add casual-chic extras. Begin with performance pieces like high-tech leggings, then layer on softer, more luxurious styles—like paper-thin long-sleeved tees, a cozy vest, or even a cashmere cardigan—for an easy, on-the-go ensemble. It’s all about creating outfits that could literally go from a morning with the kids to a pilates class in the afternoon just by shedding a layer or two.

Moto Maven

By far the edgiest of them all, this micro-trend takes the moto detailing that’s so popular in many fashion styles right now and translates it in a more athletic way. Street-ready touches like ribbed panels and sports bras, mesh and faux-leather trims, and even moto-inspired warm-up jackets help you nail that model-off-duty look with little to no effort.

Which of these athleisure trends are you most excited to try? Tell your personal stylist about your favorites, and she’ll be sure to send you some pieces you’ll love in your next Fitness Edit.