Makeup Reviews: Wantable Makeup Collection – February 2017

Wantable is a personal styling service that sends personally curated Collections and Edits to customers on a monthly basis. Wantable offers Intimates and Makeup Collections along with Fitness and Style Edits.

Each Collection contains 3-5 hand-selected items and Collections start at $40/month. After your first Collection, your subscription is $36. If you want to skip a month or cancel, there is no fee, just easy, great customer service.

Every Collection has a total retail value of at least $70 and this month, I’m happy to report my Collection has a retail value of $81 so let’s begin the fun, shall we?

Queen of the Fill ($20)

This month I wanted specific items – a brown fill and/or a face mask – and I’m happy to report I got the brow fill! At the end of your online Wantable quiz, you can write a message to your stylist asking for specific items and this month, my stylist came through! This Queen of the Fill brow fill ($20) is amazing and it’s the perfect color for my super blonde brows. I’m happy with this product and will likely need to reach out to the brand for more when this runs out!

Powder Brush ($28)

I always love getting makeup tools in my Wantable Collections and this month is no different with the Powder Brush ($28). The brush is huge and would be perfect for any setting powder (which reminds me, I should ask for translucent setting powder next month!) and also for applying compact powder. The bristles on the brush are super soft and it will most definitely get rotated into my makeup routine.

Mineral-based Blush Cotton Candy ($19)

When looking at my at-home blush collection, I don’t own anything this bright and beautiful so I was happy to get this Mineral-base Blush in Cotton Candy ($19). I will admit that I don’t use it a lot, though, because it’s very pigmented and the color adds quite the punch! The first time I used it, I had to redo my makeup routine because I used way too much product! The color is so bright that you don’t need much to make a statement, which means I’ll be hanging into this product for a while.

SPELLBOUND Nail Lacquer Switch ($14)

I recently went to a Wantable event and have to admit that I got this SPELLBOUND nail polish ($14)  in my event goodie bag. My stylist wouldn’t have known that, though, so I can’t fault her for sending it this month! It’s a great polish and I love it so I will be passing this duplicate off to a friend of mine – I’m sue she will love it as much as I do.

It’s another great Makeup Collection this month! I love that the stylist listened to my request and I love that I have items that will last a long time in my at-home collection!

To learn more about Wantable and how you can get your own personalized Makeup Collection, click here.

*Disclaimer: Please note that this review reflects my own personal opinions on Wantable, their Makeup Collection, and the brands included within the subscription. I was compensated by Wantable for this honest review.