Style Reviews: Wantable Style Edit Review – February 2017

This month, I turn twenty-five, so I think it’s about time that I start taking my clothes more seriously and begin building my professional wardrobe. I’m looking for pieces that I can wear into the office and casual items that I can dress up or dress down, depending on my plans.

With my busy schedule, it’s not always possible to spend a full afternoon browsing in the mall and clothes ordered online almost never fit properly. As always, Wantable is here to help me with that.

Signing up for a Wantable Style Edit is extremely easy and only takes a few minutes. After paying a $20 styling fee, you’ll fill out a quick style quiz to indicate your preferences and sizes so the Wantable stylists know exactly what you like when they’re picking out your seven pieces for the month.

When you receive your Edit, you’ll have five days to try everything on. When your five days is up, you’ll keep what you like and ship back what you don’t in a pre-paid USPS envelope. Don’t worry, you’ll only be charged for what you keep.

If you keep five or more items, you’ll receive 20% off your entire purchase. Plus, you’ll get to take the original $20 styling fee off the total!

Here’s what I got this month, some perfect pieces that will help me build that young professional look!

RD Style, Lisa Two Tone Top in Black, $65

This top is made up of two parts- a knit top and a woven shirttail hem. It goes perfectly with leggings and a pair of heels for a comfy yet chic workday outfit.

Olive & Oak, Soho Layered Top in Olive, $58

Instead of bulking up your look with too many layers, you can opt for this adorable shirt with a faux stripe top peeking out underneath. You’ll get the same style with none of the discomfort.

DE/nim, Kate Sleeveless Turtleneck in Black, $42

Turtlenecks are great for the frigid winter, but they don’t always have to be long-sleeved and bulky. This top is great for staying warm and layering beneath a cute jacket or cardigan. Bonus points for being black-and-white-striped!

Kensie, Petite Classic Crop Morningside, $58

This classic shade is perfect for denim and the loose fit is a casual-cool you can’t say no to. I love this look for a relaxed Saturday- as a plus, it’s easy to dress up later for a night on the town!

Kensie, Fitted Utility Jacket, $68

This edgy jacket is a favorite for the finicky weather, warm enough for windy days and light enough for the random afternoons that reach up to sixty degrees (it’s been a weird winter). I can’t wait to wear this in the spring with strappy sandals and light denim.

Cupcakes and Cas, Cerise Drape Front, $95

A drape with soft, warm fabric that makes layering the easiest thing in the world. Transition from the cold outdoor weather to your warm office in a minute by shifting this on and off whenever needed.

Chaser, AC/DC Shirttail Tank in White, $59

This rocker tank is comfy and cool, great to pair with dark denim and boots. Since I’m not really a fan of AC/DC, I had to pass on this one.

The total for all seven pieces is $445. Once you subtract the $20 styling fee and the 20% off for keeping five or more items, you’re left with a grand total of only $336 for this seven-piece variety- that’s over a hundred dollars in savings!