Beauty Buzz: The Luckiest Manicure You’ll Wear

Want to spice up your manicure before you venture out into St. Patrick’s Day madness? Neroli Salon & Spa nail designer, Marley has created a classy & chic nail design that will surely add a sprinkle of luck to your day.

Nail Prep:
• Orangewood Stick
• Yellow Block Buffer
• Nail File
• Cuticle Oil (Aveda’s Beautifying Composition)
• Cuticle Softener (Aveda’s Cuticle Control)
• Cotton Rounds
• Nail Polish Remover

Polish Application:
• Base & Top Coat
• Nail Polish Colors
For this design, I used the following colors:
OPI’s Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! | Stay Off The Lawn! | Five-And-Ten 

Art Supplies:
Thin Brush
Nail Dotting Tool

Prep time: 10 min
Polish time: 15 min
Art design: 20-30 min
Drying time: 30-45 min

“LCK” Design: For each letter, begin by creating the basic shape, then add in the “serif” look (the short lines at the edge of the letters).



Horseshoe Design: Begin by creating a large “U” shape. Try to keep the two ends of the “U” narrower and the base of the “U” thicker.

Then, gently flick out the edges to create the horseshoe look.

Once that has time to dry, use your dotting tool and use a white polish to add finishing touches.IMG_9560IMG_9569IMG_9572IMG_9577IMG_9585

4 Leaf Clover: To create the clover, make a mini “V” shape. Create 3 more of the mini “V” designs.

Optional: add the stem of leave with a cute little clover.
IMG_9591IMG_9593IMG_9599 copyIMG_9618

This post was written by Neroli Downtown Nail DesignerMarley. To schedule a manicure or pedicure service with Marley, call 414.227.2888.

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