Makeup Reviews: Wantable Makeup Collection – March 2017

Wantable is a personal styling service that sends personally curated Collections and Edits to customers on a monthly basis. Wantable offers Intimates and Makeup Collections along with Fitness and Style Edits.

Each Collection contains 3-5 hand-selected items and Collections start at $40/month. After your first Collection, your subscription is $36. If you want to skip a month or cancel, there is no fee, just easy, great customer service.

Every Collection has a total retail value of at least $70 and this month, I’m happy to report my Collection has a retail value of $94 so let’s begin the fun, shall we?

5 Shade Eye Shadow Palette St. Tropez ($36)

5 Shade Eye Shadow Palette St. Tropez

I love eyeshadows – it’s a weakness of mine – and this 5 Shade Eye Shadow Palette St. Tropez ($36) is absolute perfection! These colors are perfect for spring, and I love that the palette combines both matte and sparkle shades. I also love that I wouldn’t normally pick out these shades if were individual tins. The yellow is stunning and the peach is my favorite! All-in-all, these colors are unique, and I’m super happy with this product!

Mineral Matt Lipstick Fuchsia ($20)

Mineral Matt Lipstick Fuchsia

I have received this brand in my Makeup Collections in the past, but I don’t have this color, so yay! This Mineral Matt Lipstick ($20) is such a great formula – it’s creamy and leaves your lips feeling super moisturized – and I love how it has little sparkles in it. The color isn’t too crazy fuchsia, and I love that it’s matte since as it’s all the rage these days. Overall, I’m happy with this product, too!

Longwear Infinity Lipstick On and On ($24)

Longwear Infinity Lipstick On and On

Ok, I have to admit that haven’t tried this Longwear Infinity Lipstick On and On ($24) just yet, but I do love that it’s supposed to last 12 hours. (I’ll report back when I test it out!) However, the color scares the crap out of me – brown!? Oh boy! How in the world is this gal going to wear this brown?! I’ll have to figure it out, BUT I’m happy to have this color since I don’t have it in my personal collection. Now I just need to Google how to wear this color! :P

SPELLBOUND Nail Lacquer Pandora ($14)

Spellbound Nail Lacquer Pandora

So I totally failed this month and forgot to change my online quiz to say I didn’t want nail polish again, so I wasn’t too surprised that I got this SPELLBOUND Nail Lacquer ($14) in this month’s Collection. As I mentioned last month, I already have this whole Spellbound collection because I got them as a party favor from a Wantable event so I actually already have this color. However, I love these polishes because they are matte AND long-lasting so hopefully one of my friends will love getting my duplicate!

It’s another great Makeup Collection this month and note to self, change your quiz always and often – it’s super fun!!

To learn more about Wantable and how you can get your own personalized Makeup Collection, click here.

*Disclaimer: Please note that this review reflects my own personal opinions on Wantable, their Makeup Collection, and the brands included in the subscription. I was compensated by Wantable for this honest review.