Work It Out: Brand Spotlight: Wear It To Heart

Ask us why we’re completely enamored with Wear It To Heart, and we’ll have a difficult time answering concisely. From their unique, ahead-of-the-trend prints—to their eco-friendly production practices—to their ethical manufacturing facility—what’s not to love about W.I.T.H.? One thing is crystal clear: this fitness brand has major heart.

Every Wear It To Heart garment is ethically manufactured by their sustainable, sweatshop-free Fair Labor Association manufacturing partner in El Salvador. The factory sponsors apprenticeship programs that teach young, at-risk local mothers to sew, providing the training necessary for future employment there. The facility also offers an on-site Montessori child-care center and a healthcare clinic for all employees.

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Carefully curated and engineered materials are at the heart of every W.I.T.H. design. These high-quality components enable them to produce industry-leading designs and colors while minimizing their carbon output. Their super soft, four-way power stretch performance fabric, Salutex, is crafted to support and move with you through any sweaty pursuit.

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W.I.T.H. digitally prints onto their fabrics with water-based, eco-friendly inks. Good for the planet: this process is remarkably 99% chemical-free and uses 85% less water and energy than traditional dyeing practices. Good for you: their prints are guaranteed not to fade or wear off with washing or repeated use.

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Each W.I.T.H. print is made in limited quantities, which perfectly aligns with Wantable’s mission to provide an entirely unique experience for each of our customers. Be on the lookout for an exciting Wantable/W.I.T.H. collaboration in the near future!

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