Wantable Reviews: How To Update Your Wantable Quiz

Your style is a journey: full of adventure and constantly evolving. That’s why the Wantable quiz is more than a one-time survey. Keep your style fresh and completely you by updating your preferences seasonally or in-the-moment as your tastes change. You can update your Style, Fitness, and Men’s Fitness preferences at any time and as often as you’d like. Step by step, we show you how to update your Wantable quiz and leave notes for your stylist:


Step 1: Log into your account

Update your Wantable quiz

Head to wantable.com and click “Log In” at the top right of your screen.

Update your Wantable quiz

Once you’ve filled out your username and password, you’ll be directed back to the homepage. In the same top right side of your screen, click on your username, then select “Account” from the menu.


Step 2: Find your subscriptions

Update your Wantable quiz

Once you’re on the Account page, scroll down to the bottom center section and locate the “Subscriptions” box.

Update your Wantable quiz

Use the bar on the right side of the box to scroll down until you find the subscription you’d like to edit, then click “Update Preferences.”


Step 3: Update your quiz

Update your Wantable quiz

Your quiz will be the same as it was the first (or last) time you filled it out. Here’s where the fun begins: Go through and change any preference you want, whether it’s a size, styles you like or dislike, pieces you do or don’t want, or occasions you’re dressing for. Continue updating your preferences by clicking “Continue Customization” at the bottom of each page.

Quick tip: If you don’t want to change your preferences, but simply want to leave your stylist a note, click “Finish Updating Preferences” on the second page of your quiz, and it will take you directly to the final notes page.

Update your Wantable quiz

On the final page, you can visually review your loves, likes, and dislikes. This is also where you can leave your personal stylist any notes regarding your next order or your overall account. Order Notes are a great place to let your stylist know if you have any special requests for that particular order. Account Notes appear on every order, regardless of category, and will always be seen by your stylist. Once you’re done, click “Finished.”


Step 4: Save your changes

Update your Wantable quiz

If you only want to update your preferences or stylist notes for your next order, then congrats—you’re all done! If you want to place an additional order or manage your subscription for the following month, you can do so from this page, too. If you want to update a different subscription, head back to the Subscriptions box on your Account page, and start the process again.


Don’t forget: you can update your preferences or leave your stylist a new note as often as you want, though we recommend updating them at least four times a year (seasonally). Your stylist will always honor your current preferences, so make sure your quiz doesn’t say you love jackets during the 100-degree months of summer (unless you still want them, of course!).

Have questions? Reach out to us anytime, and we’ll be happy to help!

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