Lifestyle: 3 Delightful Reasons to Throw a Kentucky Derby Party

Saddle up, friends. The Derby is upon us. The iconic race’s grandiose traditions–the fashion, the roses, the hats, and the bourbon–are ideal to plan a celebration around. We’ve gathered our favorite looks, recipes, and DIY tips, so you can nail all the festive essentials at your Kentucky Derby party:


 1. The Hats

Whether outrageous or refined, your Derby topper is the perfect opportunity to get your DIY on and let your personality shine. You don’t even need to own a glue gun! Check out the simple hat-decorating tutorial from our hometown favorite, I Spy DIY.


Flower Derby Hat | I Spy DIY


2. The Dresses

Whether you love the Derby for its extravagant excess or old-world charm, this is no time to rein in your style. Step outside of your normal fashion boundaries and drape yourself in a ladylike floral, lace, or ruffled frock; or get preppy with seersucker, gingham, or polka dots.

Floral Dress

Flashy Florals | Wantable Style Edit

Ruffle Dress

Romantic Ruffles | Wantable Style Edit

Lace Dress

Ladylike Lace | Wantable Style Edit


3. The Drinks

Sweet, strong, and refreshing, Mint Juleps have been the official beverage of the Kentucky Derby since 1938. Mix things up with a variation on the classic; try the bright and juicy Pineapple Mint Julep from How Sweet Eats or the smooth Sweet Tea Mint Julep from Spicy Southern Kitchen.

How Sweet It Is

Pineapple Mint Julep | How Sweet It Is

Spicy Southern Kitchen

Sweet Tea Mint Julep | Spicy Southern Kitchen


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