Fitness: 5 Graphic Tees That Send a Message

Graphic tees are having a major moment. You can’t swing a kettlebell at the gym without hitting someone wearing a cheesy #fitspo message emblazoned across their chest. (Please don’t actually hit someone with a kettlebell.) Instead, get in on the statement-making trend with non-lame fitness gear that inspires. Let these five motivational graphic tees do the talking for you.

Vibe Tank

Good Vibes

Build a fitness crew that inspires you, creating a support system of like minds to help keep your workouts on track.


Focus Tank

Glass Half Full

Optimism is a powerful ally in the pursuit of your fitness goals. Look on the bright side, and you’re halfway there.


Good Mood Tank

Endorphin High

Fitness has a powerful mind-body connection. Let the endorphins kick in as you sweat your way to a good mood.


Grateful Tank

Attitude of Gratitude

No matter the size of your accomplishments, remember to be thankful for your body’s incredible ability to move and adapt.


Good Things Tank

Sweat Equity

When you put in the work, you reap the benefits–from increased strength and confidence to an incredible post-workout energy boost.

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