Fitness: 5 Fitness Graphic Tees That Send a Message

Fitness graphic tees are having a major moment. You can’t swing a kettlebell at the gym without hitting someone wearing a cheesy #fitspo message emblazoned across their chest. (Please don’t actually hit someone with a kettlebell.) Instead, get in on the statement-making trend with non-lame fitness gear that inspires. Let these five motivational graphic tees do the talking for you.


Fitness Graphic Tees: Vibe

Good Vibes

Build a fitness crew that inspires you, creating a support system of like minds to help keep your workouts on track.


Fitness Graphic Tees: Wake Up

Morning Glory

Optimism is a powerful ally in the pursuit of your fitness goals. Look on the bright side, early bird, and you’re halfway there.


 Fitness Graphic Tees: Today

Do It Now

There’s no perfect time for a workout. Just get sweating—even if it’s a short mood-boosting walk around the block.


Fitness Graphic Tees: Grateful

Attitude of Gratitude

No matter the size of your accomplishments, remember to be thankful for your body’s incredible ability to move and adapt.


Fitness Graphic Tees: Sweat Repeat

Sweat Equity

When you put in the work, you reap the benefits—from increased strength and confidence to a post-workout endorphin boost.