• About Wantable

    About Wantable


    We love beauty, style, and fashion. Most importantly, we love making people happy. We exist to help you discover amazing products and trends we know you can’t live without, and we deliver them straight to your doorstep each month.

    One Size Fits No One

    When we started Wantable we set out to create a unique retail experience unlike any other. This is why we ask you approximately 32 quiz questions, use a proprietary Love, Like & Dislike scale to get to know you, and carefully pack each order one at a time.

    Excellence Is Our Standard

    We love finding great products, doing great things, and having great customers. We believe in building an excellent company that will never take your money without asking, always answers the phone, lets you return items you don’t like (for free!), and most importantly, treats you with utmost care and respect.

    The Team

    When we started in the fall of 2012, we had 3 employees and today, we’ve grown to 73. Our success comes one happy customer at a time. Your support and trust directly impacts our growth, and for that we are grateful.

  • About Wantable
  • About Wantable
  • About Wantable
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