The first few weeks of November have gone by in the blink of an eye and it seems like the temperatures drop a little more every day, so it’s time to start thinking about some warm layers to survive the chilly weather. Thankfully, there is an abundance of cute activewear pieces that are warm enough to take you from the studio to the cold, cold streets. We’ve gathered some of our favorite athleisure layers to take your look anywhere from your workout to happy hour, shopping, travel, or just to lounge in all weekend long.

athleisure workout activewear jacket

1. Sophisticated and Chic

Adding an edgy moto-inspired black jacket to your workout wardrobe is probably our favorite way to amp up an outfit to the ultimate athleisure street style. This is the perfect ensemble for running errands, jetting off somewhere, or simply grabbing an extra-hot coffee. It’s sleek and fashion-forward while staying comfortable and relaxed at the same time.


athleisure workout activewear sweater

2. Moisture-wicking Sweater

Throw on an athleisure sweater for a comfortable and warm layer if you’re heading out and about after your workout. The best part? No one will know you just came from the gym. This sweater is a technical, moisture-wicking top, which is really handy when you’re wanting to go out immediately following a workout.  It adds another cozy texture to your outfit, too.


athleisure workout activewear bomber jacket

3. Bring on the Layers

For those extra cold days, bundle up with a trendy bomber jacket (seriously, this piece is everything), and a beanie to keep your ears warm. You could just as easily pair this jacket with jeans and slip-on sneakers for an easy way to change up your look. If you’re anything like us, the more looks we can get from one item, the better!


athleisure workout activewear hoodie

4. Zip it Up

If you’re digging the monochrome look as much as we are, play with mixing and matching different shades to add dimension to your look. A neutral zip-up hoodie can be paired with so many different pieces that we’re hard pressed to find a more versatile piece. An all-grey ensemble is not only easy, but it’s also an effortless athleisure look that will give off the just the right amount of edge.


Consider this a love letter to the color block legging. The most popular trend in fitness and athleisure right now, they’re awesome because not only are they bold and fun, but they’re also versatile and flattering. (All the things necessary in a great pair of leggings!) These statement-making beauties are the perfect trendy break from your everyday basic black leggings. And that’s truly what makes them so good.

How do I love thee, color block leggings? Let me count the ways… They add a pop of color to an otherwise monotone look. They help you stand out from the crowd, in the best way possible. They make a statement without being too “over the top.” They let you be completely unique—exactly who you were meant to be!

So, where do you wear color block leggings, you ask? The answer, quite simply, is: everywhere!

On Your Yoga Mat

They make the perfect statement for when you’re getting your flow on. They let you move and breathe while feeling cute and on trend. And who doesn’t want to look and feel cute while getting into some gnarly yoga positions?!



Pounding the Pavement

Make a bold statement while out on your run with these fun multicolored leggings! Stretch in style and move with the wind.



A Coffee or Smoothie Break

Throw a jacket on over your workout clothes and you’re ready to grab a post-workout coffee or smoothie with friends! Nothing like cute workout clothes to add versatility to your wardrobe! No need to change for your everyday life when you’re wearing color block leggings. Own it, girl.


Around Town

Running errands is made cuter and more stylish with the beloved color block legging. Just pair with a neutral pullover or a zipped up jacket and you go from gym to street effortlessly! No need to wear uncomfortable jeans when you’re out and about.

Oh, color block leggings… if loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.


The perfect fit. Those mesh details that make you feel like a boss. We all know a good workout can be made even better with the right outfit. Gearing up for the gym is an opportunity to make a low-key style statement, and we are here. for. it. Whatever your personal style, there are a few essential fitness pieces that need a permanent place in every workout wardrobe. Here are 15 pieces to add to your list of must-have fitness gear.

essential fitness gear: racerback tank

1. Racerback tank for a full range of movement.

Whether you’re planking, lifting, or slithering into cobra pose, your workout can benefit from sporting a tank with an open, unrestricted fit. Moisture-wicking materials are also a smart choice for high-intensity workouts that make you sweat buckets.


essential fitness gear: graphic tee

2. Graphic tee with a motivational message.

For lower intensity workouts, a soft cotton tank with a fun phrase is the perfect piece to complete your workout outfit. It’s a little dose of inspiration that helps get you moving all while allowing you to show off your unique personality.


essential fitness gear: mesh top

3. Breezy mesh top for super-sweaty workouts.

Nothing feels better than a cool breeze blowing through your tank during an extra hot sweat sesh. This is the ultimate function-meets-fashion piece to have in your arsenal of essential fitness gear.


essential fitness gear: technical long sleeve t-shirt

4. Technical long sleeve top for a cooler sweat sesh.

For colder months or low-intensity workouts, a lightweight long sleeve top is perfect for when your body temperature fluctuates. Pairing a tank top underneath allows you to peel off layers once you’ve warmed up and easily put them back on after your cool-down.


essential fitness gear: thermal long sleeve

5. Comfy long sleeve for savasana in the studio.

After an hour or more of flowing through downward dogs and sun salutations, settling into savasana is pure bliss. Don’t let a chill chase away those warm fuzzy feels! Keep a cozy long sleeve tee handy for your cool-down on the mat. A tunic-length style looks especially cute for that brunch date you have planned after class.


essential fitness gear: basic black leggings

6. Basic black leggings that fit like a dream.

A 100% necessary piece that transitions your look effortlessly from workout to street style is a classic pair of black leggings. They’re the perfect basic to build any awesome workout outfit around and the number one wardrobe staple everyone needs.


essential fitness gear: compression crops

7. Compression crops for cardio.

Compression leggings hold everything in place and allow you to move freely, making them the ultimate pieces for a supportive and comfortable fit. Great for high-intensity workouts with lots of sweaty movement, they’ll be your new best friend on the treadmill or in spin class.


essential fitness gear: printed leggings

8. A fun pop of print to boost your mood.

Sometimes we need an extra push to get those endorphins flowing. A vibrant, playful legging should do the trick!  Choose colors that make your heart happy and motivate you to get going.


essential fitness gear: athleisure leggings

9. Street style-approved pants for barre to brunch.

For low impact workouts or an easy run in chilly weather, joggers or relaxed fit leggings are a great choice. Plus, they’re super comfortable to lounge around in after your workout and to run errands around town.


essential fitness gear: workout shorts

10. Shorts for warm-weather workouts.

Even if you typically stick to leggings, every workout wardrobe needs a good pair of running shorts for those extra hot days. They’re comfortable, provide great air-flow, and are made to withstand intense cardio sessions.


essential fitness gear: windbreaker jacket

11. A jacket to combat the elements.

Layers are important, especially for inclement weather. If it’s lightly raining or super windy, a water-resistant windbreaker can make or break your outdoor workout. Pick one that’s built for exercise with technical details like ventilation, zippered pockets, and a stow-away hood.


essential fitness gear: athleisure cardigan

12. Luxe, loungey cardigan in a fitness fabric.

A cardigan made from moisture-wicking fabric is the perfect piece to throw on when you have plans immediately after a yoga class or gym session. It’ll easily transition your look from fitness to on-trend athleisure.


essential fitness gear: star hoodie

13. Cute and cozy hoodie for to-and-from the gym.

A pullover or zip-up sweatshirt is another necessary addition to your workout wardrobe. Finding one with a graphic print or tailored fit will keep you looking pulled together while you’re heading to and from your workout.


essential fitness gear: high-support bra

14. A Bra that means business.

For those that need a bit more support to sustain high-impact activities, a structured full-coverage bra is a must. Look for a snug fit and wider straps that sit comfortably and don’t dig in.


essential fitness gear: strappy bra

15. Something strappy that keeps the girls happy.

Whether you need a little or a lot of support, there’s a strappy style out there that will work for you. Not only do they look lovely, but if you choose the right level of support for your workout, they’re also super functional. Not to mention, they add a fun pop beneath your top!


essential fitness gear: supportive strappy bra

best workout clothes for weight training

We’ve come a long way since the days when a cotton tee and saggy shorts were the standard gym class uniform. (We’ve learned. We’ve grown. We’ve survived the trauma of taking a dodgeball directly to the face.) Now, we understand that what we wear for a sweat session can make or break our workout. It’s hard enough to squat and lunge and lift weights—doing so with loose pants or an unsupportive sports bra just makes it even harder. (Ain’t nobody got time for that.) So how do you find the best workout clothes for weight training? Well, I’ve got a few tips…

best workout clothes for weight training

1. Breathability is key.

Pick clothing made from fabrics that breathe and wick away sweat, because I guarantee you will be sweating during any good weight training session. Mesh-detailed pieces are great because they provide additional airflow. A breezy, open-back top is also a great option to you keep cool as your body temp rises.


best workout clothes for weight training

2. Move, move, move!

I always do the “squat test” when I try on a pair of new leggings. If they pass the test and can move with me in any crazy position, they’re keepers. Weight training incorporates a lot of slow and controlled movements, so stick to spandex and other items that are comfortable and easy to move around in. You don’t want to feel constricted or limit your range of motion. After all, your clothing should work for you, not against you!


best workout clothes for weight training

3. Pick durable clothing.

You also need clothing that can endure a tough workout, because weight training involves repetitive movements that may cause friction between your clothes and the equipment you’re using. You want to make sure your clothes can withstand anything you put them through, so invest in quality pieces. And if you do happen to tear a hole or wear out a piece of clothing, consider yourself a beast.


best workout clothes for weight training

4. Get the support you need.

Make sure that whatever clothing you’re wearing, you’re well-supported. Good form is crucial in weight training, and without the proper support (a structured sports bra, compression leggings, comfortable shoes) you may suffer through your workout instead of feeling energized and in control. The moral of the story: make good choices when you gear up, then get out there and lift, girl!

best workout clothes for cycling spin

In my experience, one of the best stress-relievers is a heart-pounding workout. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious, I know a good sweat session will turn my mood (and perspective) right around. One of my favorite ways to sweat my cares away is indoor cycling because of its fun, freeing atmosphere. Getting synchronized as a group in spin class, pumped up by adrenaline and music, is basically as good as therapy. But what do you wear? Here are my handy tips for choosing the best workout clothes for cycling.

best workout clothes for cycling

1. Spandex is your friend.

You’re riding a piece of mechanical equipment so you definitely do not want to wear loose clothing that can get caught in moving parts! In fact, it’s downright dangerous. There’s a reason Lance Armstrong wears spandex. While you may not be flying through the French countryside, sleek apparel still makes for a smoother, safer, more efficient ride.


best workout clothes for cycling

2. Coordinate to make it fun!

Liven up your spandex game with vibrant colors and prints, and never be afraid of looking “matchy-matchy.” (That’s kind of what it’s all about.) Match your sports bra with your leggings, add a neutral top, and you’re good to go! It’s all about having fun with your outfits, choosing fun pieces that make you feel good and want to get out and sweat.


best workout clothes for cycling

3. Breezy is best.

While fitted clothing is essential, breathability is also a must. You’re going to be sweating buckets, so wearing activewear that allows for airflow will keep you cool, comfortable, and bring you some much-needed relief during your workout. Pick leggings with mesh cutouts or a top with an open back to keep your ride breezy.


best workout clothes for cycling

4. Transitional pieces are key.

I don’t know about you, but my favorite group workouts usually happen on weekends and include brunch with friends afterward. I always make sure my clothes are both functional and cute so I can head straight from cycle session to socializing over a coffee or mimosa. After all, friends that sweat (and brunch) together, stay together!

best workout clothes for yoga

Confession: I’m kind of a workout junkie. I love fitness in all its forms; I love moving my body, feeling energized, and who doesn’t love that glorious post-workout glow?! While weight training and cardio are an important part of any fitness routine, the flexibility, focus, and balance gained from a regular yoga practice are pretty incredible. If you’re just getting started or are dusting the cobwebs off your yoga mat, you’re going to need the right clothing that will move and stretch along with you. To give you a leg up, I’ve gathered some helpful tips for finding the best workout clothes for yoga.


best workout clothes for yoga

1. High-Waisted Bottoms

One thing I can’t stand is flashing my belly while I’m trying to focus on my flow. That’s why high-waisted leggings are the absolute best for yoga, making a wardrobe malfunction near impossible. They also support your center, providing a subtle reminder to keep your core engaged while you get your downward dog on.


best workout clothes for yoga

2. Loose, Flowy Tops

For me, the perfect yoga uniform is a pair of high-waisted leggings and a free-flowing top. They allow you to move freely and do your thing without feeling constricted. Yoga is uncomfortable enough without having to worry about your clothing. (The whole point is to get out of your comfort zone!) You can also play with knotting your looser tops to make each look your own.


 best workout clothes for yoga

3. Fun Pieces With Personality

Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement on your yoga mat. Even when I’m getting my zen on, I love wearing bright colors and fun prints to infuse a little extra energy into my practice. A motivational graphic tee is also a great way to remind you of your “why.” Strappy bras paired with open or cutout tops are also another favorite way to add interest to my outfit.


best workout clothes for yoga

4. Easy Transitional Styles

Post-yoga, I’m usually headed straight to my next errand or activity, so workout clothes that transition smoothly from the studio to the street are a must. Everyone needs a rotation of fashion-forward fitness pieces they can live in all day long. Because who actually changes out of their yoga pants?! Just throw on a baseball hat, shades, and a denim jacket and you’re ready to tackle your day. (Namaslay.)

best workout clothes for running

Time for some truth: I haven’t always loved running. In fact, I used to absolutely HATE it. Remember the mile run in PE? I dreaded it every single time, always thinking of an excuse to get out of it. But surprisingly, when I had a baby, something in me shifted, and I found the only workout I really had time for was running. It’s free, it gets you out of the house, it has an insane amount of mental benefits, you can do it while pushing a stroller (score!) and it requires zero equipment. Well, besides some great inspirational fitness gear, of course. (Especially for someone like me, whose main workout motivation is cute activewear.) Here to share a bit of that motivation, these are my tips for finding the best workout clothes for running. They’ll get you out of the house and hitting the pavement in no time!


best workout clothes for running

1. Pick the Right Shoe

When it comes to running shoes, comfort is the number one most important aspect for me and style comes shortly after that. I am a fashion blogger, after all! Find a shoe you can run comfortably in for an extended period, has good arch support, and is cushiony. I like feeling like I’m barely wearing shoes at all, and I always size up in my running shoes, so there’s more room for my feet to expand and move.


best workout clothes for running

2. Compression is Everything

I loooove me some compression leggings for running. They hold everything in just right, so there isn’t any extra jiggle while I run. (We’re all human—you know what I’m talking about!) I usually prefer capris or 7/8 tights for a good run session because they support more muscle groups. For larger-busted ladies, a good compression bra can also make or break your run. Choose high-coverage styles with thicker straps for maximum comfort and support.


best workout clothes for running

3. Dress For the Weather

This may seem self-explanatory, but for you stubborn gals out there (myself included), be sure to check the weather before your run and dress accordingly. You may have your favorite pair of workout capris, but if it’s 70+ degrees, grab those shorts instead! There is nothing worse than being hot and miserable during your run. Plus, there are some cute shorts out there! Alternatively, if it’s a cold day, layers are key! If I start my run in the morning when it’s cool and the temperature quickly warms up, I can easily peel off my outer layer to stay comfortable. I just tie it around my waist and keep running! 


best workout clothes for running

4. Focus On the Little Things

Finding workout clothes that are both cute and functional is a must: a tank top that I can tie or wear as-is for multiple looks, a pair of high-waist leggings that stay put, and probably the best find ever—a hidden waistband pocket to hold your key while you run. Genius! As in all aspects of life, it’s truly the little things that matter. Your workout attire should be no different.