• How it all works…


    1. Take A Brief Lifestyle Quiz
    Choose a category to share your style, fit, and price preferences with your stylist.

    2. Your Monthly Styling Service Begins
    For a $20 styling fee, receive 5-7 curated items, shipped directly to your door each month. You can cancel or skip a month at any time.

    3. Keep What You Love
    Send back anything you don’t. We’ll only bill you for what you keep and your styling fee is applied to your final purchase. Shipping is free both ways.


    1. Style
    Curated apparel and accessories in the cuts and colors you love.

    2. Fitness
    Technical and athleisure styles handpicked for your life and workout.

    3. Men’s Fitness
    Performance and loungewear picks for working out and kicking back.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Visit our FAQ page for more information.

  • How it all works…
  • How it all works…

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