13 Layering Essentials Every Woman Needs for Fall & Winter

Post by Jenn Wang

Brrrr… I’m definitely starting to feel the chill here in Wisconsin! We are deep into fall (which never seems to last long enough) and winter is slowly encroaching. (Eek!) Whatever climate you live in, this is the perfect time of year to sort through your closet and check to see if you’re fully stocked up on your fall and winter essentials. To make sure you’re 100% prepared for the dropping temps, I’m sharing 13 layering essentials that can help transition you from the chilly fall days into the dead of winter.

fall and winter essentials: sherpa denim jacket

1. Sherpa Denim Jacket

Your denim jacket may have been a great spring/summer staple, but add some sherpa detailing and it becomes a great fall and winter layering essential! The sherpa detailing adds extra warmth and cozy winter vibes to your outfit.

fall and winter essentials: mustard sweater

2. Bright Sweater

Just because the winter brings shorter, darker days doesn’t mean that your wardrobe has to get darker too! While you generally see lots of muted colors in the colder seasons, you can add some sunshine to your winter days with brightly colored sweaters!

fall and winter essentials: colored skinny jeans

3. Colored Skinny Jeans

Just like bright sweaters, colored skinny jeans can add a pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic winter wardrobe. Plus, they look fantastic with neutral booties!

fall and winter essentials: lightweight puffer jacket

4. Lightweight Puffer Jacket

Every woman needs a lightweight puffer jacket to withstand the fluctuating temperatures of fall and winter. Take it on hikes, walks with the pup, or errand runs for extra warmth that won’t weigh you down.

fall and winter essentials: long cashmere cardigan

5. Long Cashmere Cardigan

A long cashmere cardigan is a cold-weather staple. Slightly oversized and oh-so-cozy, it’ll feel like you’re stepping out wrapped up in your favorite blanket (without looking like it, of course). Layer over a v-neck and wear with some cute boots for an instant Pinterest-worthy outfit.

fall and winter essentials: plaid flannel shirt

6. Plaid Flannel Shirt

Plaid flannel is an off-duty favorite, and it’s super easy to style. Whether you’re tying it around your waist, front-tucking it into jeans, or wearing over leggings, the plaid flannel shirt has been and will always be a wardrobe staple.

fall and winter essentials: chunky knit scarf

7. Chunky Knit Scarf

A chunky knit scarf is the ultimate essential for cold weather clothing. It not only adds functionality to your outfit, but also serves as a great layering accessory to your winter wardrobe. I can’t help but hide my entire face in a chunky scarf on a windy day!

fall and winter essentials: open-front blazer

8. Open-Front Blazer

An open-front blazer can be easily layered over any blouse or t-shirt to create a pulled-together, polished look. Blazers are perfect for the days where you need to transition from work to happy hour or date night!

fall and winter essentials: printed button-down shirt

9. Printed Button-Down Shirt

A printed button-down shirt is the perfect underlayer for any solid colored jacket, sweater, or cardigan. It’s cute on its own and works under layers?! Sounds like a win-win to me!

fall and winter essentials: modern leather jacket

10. Modern Leather Jacket

Despite being thin, leather jackets are surprisingly warm, and they add a bit of edge to your ensemble. Layer a modern moto over a basic top for an instant cool factor.

fall and winter essentials: oversized turtleneck sweater

11. Oversized Turtleneck Sweater

Don’t you just love the thought of cozying up by a fireplace in a warm, oversized turtleneck sweater? Oversized sweaters are the perfect example of fashion meeting comfort. You can’t survive winter without one!

fall & winter essentials: fleece sweatshirt

12. Fleece Sweatshirt

For those days where pulling together a fully dressed-up outfit seems like too much work, a simple fleece sweatshirt will come to rescue over-and-over again. Pair this cozy piece with your favorite pair of jeans, and you’re ready to go out the door!

fall and winter essentials: leggings

 13. Comfy Leggings

You simply cannot survive winter (or any season for that matter) without a solid pair of comfy black leggings. Their versatility makes them perfect to pair with oversized sweatshirts, tailored sweaters, cardigans, dresses…you name it!

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