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3 Tips for Keeping Up Your Motivation at the Gym

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Before the new year hit, I wrote about the importance of kickstarting your New Year’s goals. We’re now 48 days into 2020 so I figured it’s time to review one of the hardest things out there: actually sticking to resolutions. Why is this so hard? Well, most of the time we fail at our goals because we are making them too draconian. We want to have attainable goals we can reach and then take a step further. Here are some tips for fueling self-confidence staying motivated at the gym:

gym motivation: ramp up slowly

Ramp Up Slowly

For fitness-related goals, I am a fan ‘ramping up’. When we introduce anything new slowly, we help make sure it sticks. This is true for all levels of fitness whether you are starting with a one-mile walk a few times a week or adding one day a week of weight training to your already packed gym schedule. What’s great about ramping up is it never really ends so I find it easier to stay motivated. You keep pushing yourself, you notice small physical and psychological improvements making it easier to keep up the great work.

gym motivation: workout buddy

Find a Workout Partner Who Practices Tough Love

You need someone who will be there for you week after week. Even more importantly, a buddy that won’t let you flake on them. Just as the perfect partner in a relationship varies greatly for everyone, the perfect workout partner will too. Find one that shares many of your fitness/wellness goals, your workout preferences, and your schedule. Plan to meet with them once a week to the extent that is possible. If you find the time, get two workout buddies (perhaps two people who each enjoy different workouts) that way no matter what you will workout twice a week. March 1 is National Workout Buddy Day so be sure to grab a friend to celebrate!

gym motivation: reward yourself

Reward Yourself

I don’t want to compare any human to a dog, but the similarities are there. Do you want to train your pet? Reward them for good behavior. You want results in the gym? Reward yourself. My favorite rewards are clothes. I love new workout clothes for a job well done. They are motivating because you want to wear them straight away! Try to stay away from junk food as a reward because it can reinforce the idea that some food is typically ‘off-limits’ and let’s face it, junk food won’t help you reach your goals.

Now that you’re all feeling super motivated, it’s time to get moving! If you do make it out for a workout with a friend on March 1 (National Workout Buddy Day), tag @wantable and me, @bethann.wagner on Instagram so we can cheer you on!


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