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4 Easy Vacation Workouts to Maintain Your Routine On-the-Go

Post by Bethann Wagner

There are two types of people: those who enjoy vacation workouts and those who don’t. Both types are alright in my book. Truthfully, both types are equally likely to maintain healthy lifestyles year-round. I’m in the workout on vacay camp—it’s simply part of my lifestyle. I feel better when I move my body. I have more energy, better mental clarity, and am in a better mood. Plus, it can be a phenomenal way to check out A LOT of a new city. Participating in half marathons has brought me to several new cities and I got to see things I might have otherwise missed had I not signed up.

So yes, I am a fan of a vacation workout, but I believe in balance. Run a half marathon and then visit a pub (or three). Embrace muscle soreness while you dance down Broadway Street in Nashville. Run down the beach in Miami and then sit down and read a book for the rest of the day. Balance is important to mental and physical health which is why I am sharing a few easy ways you can get your body moving while on vacation. They’ll help you keep your mind and body healthy no matter where you are.

vacation workouts: walking

1. Walk

This is one of the easiest ones and here’s the trick: don’t think of it in terms of ‘I must walk X minutes today’. Simply resolve to walk somewhere you might otherwise not. Morning coffee? Walk to the Starbucks that’s a little further away. Dinner plans? Walk instead of drive if you can. It’s crazy how quickly those steps add up.

vacation workouts: running

2. Run

If you’re heading on a trip with a group, have anyone and everyone who’s interested sign up for a 10k or half marathon. You’ll get both a fun trip with friends or family and exercise that feeds you dopamine. Your bonds with the people on that trip will be forever strengthened. What can possibly be better than that?!

vacation workouts: squats

3. Squats

I love a leg workout because working your largest muscle group is an efficient way to torch calories and get that ‘I had a great workout’ feeling. The best part? You can literally do them anywhere. Here I am doing them on a main street in downtown LA. Sure, people looked at me funny, but it was totally worth it!

vacation workouts: push-ups

4. Push-Ups

Since your chest is also a large muscle group, I love working that on vacation! A great workout you can do anywhere is push-ups. Not only are they wonderful for hotel rooms or outside just about anywhere, but they make your arms look incredible for beach photos. I’m just sayin’! The blood flow to the arms shortly after you work them out makes your arms look like a snack! Try it and thank me later. 🙂

I hope you like these easy ways to get moving during your next vacation. Now if you see me sweating in the Starbucks line getting my vanilla latte, you will know why!


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