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5 Benefits of Taking the Risk to Try Something New

Post by Wantable Staff

When thinking of trying something new like launching a side hustle or starting a new fitness program, I’ll be the first to admit that feelings of fear can creep in. All too often we let the fear of the unknown stop us from starting things that we really want to tackle when it’s actually pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones that help us grow. Example: A young woman who is new to working out was nervous about taking a spin class at a swanky gym in San Francisco. She’s never been on a stationary bike and feels nervous she might not be in good enough shape. She’s brave and she goes anyway. She started going every week and eventually bonded with the instructor. They’re married now and have two kids and a dog. (We actually know this woman.) Sure, it’s intimidating to try something new, but can you imagine if she never tried? Moral of the story: risk something or forever be the same. The benefits of trying new things are abundant. Here are some benefits of taking the risk to try something new this year.

try something new: comfort zone

1. Trying something new that shakes up your routine can really give you a fresh perspective.

2. New ways of doing things can enhance experiences that already bring you joy. Love to run? Try the same route but backward to stimulate your brain and shake things up!

3. Increased creativity often comes from trying something new. When I feel stuck on a piece I am writing, I put my phone away and look around—the trees, dogs passing by and new people on the street help me feel more alive and creative.

try something new: switch things up

4. New physical activities can aid you in becoming healthier. Try a boxing class or something else you’ve been thinking about. The calorie burn and endorphins alone will make it worth it!

5. You could make new friends! Head out on a yoga retreat or go to that festival you’ve never made time for. Who knows what kind of memories you will make with new people!

try something new: make new friends

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to trying something new, and whether it’s a big or small leap outside your comfort zone, you’ll still reap the benefits of trying new things. Get out there and do that thing you’ve been thinking about!


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