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At-Home Partner Workouts That Get Your Endorphins Pumping

Post by Bethann Wagner

There are literally hundreds of reasons you should be exercising each day—especially now that we are all mostly working from home. As always, I’m not just talking about physical health here. There are so many benefits to your mental health too. If you live with a roommate or significant other, this can be a great time to get those endorphins pumping together. Parter workouts also add a whole new challenge by incorporating movements you can’t easily do on your own. Whether you have a home gym or like me, a few wine bottles to use as weights (hey, an average full bottle of wine weighs 2.65 lbs!) you can do this full-body partner workout making modifications based on what’s available at home.

partner workouts: wine bottle weights

12x Shoulder Press

Using weights, a resistance band or wine/water bottles, start with arms at 90 degrees and push arms overhead making sure you don’t lock out the elbows.

12x Bicep Curls to Shoulder Press

Start with arms straight, palms facing forward, and curl hands to shoulders. Then do your shoulder press releasing back down to complete the eccentric part of your bicep curl.

30-Second Isometric Wall Squat Holds

With your backs against the wall, squat down as low as you can go. Ideally, thighs are parallel to the ground. Keep hands against the wall and hold.

partner workouts: wall squats

10 Wall Squats with “Ball” Toss

Ball is in quotes here because you don’t need one. If you don’t have a medicine ball lying around, use a jug of laundry detergent, sandbag, or even a wet towel thrown in a trash bag. Get creative here! Squat with your backs against the wall and rotate your torso tapping your “ball” to the wall then tossing it to your partner. Partner repeats. Switch sides for your next set.

10 Side Lunges with Rotation Clap

Stand side-by-side with your partner and lunge sideways away from your partner then lunge sideways towards your partner and clap hands. Switch sides for your next set.

30 Low Plank Claps (15 each side)

Get in forearm plank side-by-side with your partner. Using your outside arm, bring it out to the side of your body and then rotate it underneath you to meet your partner in the middle and clap. Switch sides and repeat.

30 Side Plank with Rotation Clap (15 each side)

Start in a straight arm side plank back-to-back with your partner with your non-weight bearing arm straight up to the sky. Rotate the straight arm down towards the ground and clap hands with your partner underneath your torso. Switch sides and repeat.

partner workouts: arm workouts

Go through each of these 2-4 times based on your fitness levels and allotted time. It’s not only a fun way to break up the monotony of working out alone, but it also is a low-key difficult set that you should feel the next day!


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