Some styling tricks in fashion are simply not so, well, simple. Take pulling off cropped wide-leg pants or mixing prints, for example—they just aren’t for the faint of heart. But others couldn’t be easier. Case in point: styling socks with cold-weather boots. Whether the socks are short or tall, chunky or finely ribbed, solid or patterned, all you have to master are a few easy-to-follow tricks for nailing this classic fall and winter combo. Lucky for you, we’ve already rounded them up.

1. Pay attention to proportion:

As a general rule of thumb, taller boots work best with knee or over-the-knee socks, while shorter socks (think crew or trouser styles) pair well with ankle boots or booties.


socks with boots: boyfriend jeans

2. Leg shape matters:

Not all pants and jeans were created equal. When wearing leggings or skinny jeans, try tucking them into ribbed or chunky socks and finishing the look off with a pair of hiking boots for a rugged-chic style. If you’re going for cuffed or rolled pants or jeans, style your socks so they’re sitting right up against—not above or below—the cuff.


socks with boots: moto boots and leggings

3. Height matters, too:

For a shorter pair of socks, scrunch them up so they sit right above the ankle bone. With taller socks over boots, aim to hit right below the knee. In both cases, the right height helps to draw attention away from the wider parts of your lower leg and keeps you looking sleek and streamlined, even when wearing thicker socks with boots.


socks with boots: knee high

4. Don’t be scared to make a statement:

Whether it’s with a bright color, contrasting neutral, or sheer pattern, socks are an easy way to break up monochrome or one-note outfits. One exception to the neutral-sock rule: No white athletic socks—save those for the gym.


sock with boots: fishnet

5. Layer up:

When it gets really chilly (or you just want to look super cute), layer wooly socks over opaque tights, then pair them with ankle boots and a dress or skirt. How’s that for an easy outfit?


socks with boots: dress

non-denim pants

Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we’ve been known to say that jeans are. That’s because they’re super versatile, look good with almost everything, and come in so many different cuts and washes that you could pretty much wear them nonstop. But what if you don’t want to wear them every day this fall? That’s where some of our favorite non-denim pants come in. From utility chinos to moto leggings, we’ve got five ideas for keeping your lower half covered this fall without wearing jeans 24/7.


Non-Denim Pants for Fall: Cropped Wide-Leg Pants

1. Cropped Wide-Leg Pants

If your goal is to make a major statement, look ultra modern, and find a pant that works just as well on-duty as it does off, then the cropped wide-leg pant is the one you’ve been dreaming of. Dress them up with a ruffle sleeve blouse and open toe mules, or keep it casual with a chunky sweater and pointy-toe flats. Hint: Choose a high-waist pair to create the most flattering silhouette possible.


Non-Denim Pants for Fall: Colored Leggings

2. Colored Leggings

Not just for yoga class, leggings are pretty much the poster child for non-denim pants. These extra-slimming bottoms are perfect for pairing with oversized sweaters, lots of layers, and pretty tunics, too. Slip on ballet flats to keep the look feminine, or layer them under your favorite knee-high boots for a classic fall style. Two things to remember: choose a style with trouser-inspired seams if you want to wear them at the office, and longer tops work best with this super-fitted pant.


Non-Denim Pants for Fall: Moto Leggings

3. Moto Leggings

This cool-girl style elevates any outfit, making you look edgy and sleek no matter how you wear them. Whether you choose a pair with subtle seaming or a full-on faux-leather style, create a workplace-friendly look with a crisp button-down shirt, tailored blazer, and pumps. Prefer to wear them for a night out? Just toss on a silky blouse and add statement jewelry.


Non-Denim Pants for Fall: Utility Chino

4. Utility Chinos

Neutral but never boring, the modern-day cargo pant is all about the details with exposed zippers and army-inspired patch pockets and comes in extra-stylish shapes, like super-skinny and cropped. Try cuffing a straight-leg pair with heeled booties, then add a tee, moto jacket, and minimalist accessories to keep the look casual-chic.


Non-Denim Pants for Fall: Joggers

5. Joggers

This laid-back pant is the one to wear when you want to give off an effortless street style vibe. Pair a silky, fluid version with a simple tee, blazer, and heels for the office, or try a pair with a suede jacket and Chelsea boots for the weekend. Really want to play up the athleisure angle? Add sneakers and a jean jacket to accentuate their sporty style.

ballet workout outfits

Remember years ago when “Black Swan” came out and literally everyone became obsessed with ballet-inspired workout routines that would have their bodies looking like Natalie Portman and professional ballerinas? Well, the craze has yet to die down, and fitness fans everywhere are still hitting the barre for sculpted muscles, improved posture and flexibility, and a super-strong core. And whether you’re a hardcore ballet-fit follower or just someone who wants to look like she is, we’ve got a trio of perfectly feminine and functional outfits that will have you looking and feeling like a modern-day ballerina during your next barre class.


ballet workout outfits: blush

Shades of Blush

Pretty pink hues are a hallmark of ballerina style and are even more lovely when combined with soft shades of gray and an artsy print. Try layering a simple tank over a strappy, statement bra to balance all the sweetness with a touch of athleticism. Bold leggings and a supers-oft hooded vest complete the outfit to perfection, while no-slip socks are a cute-but-practical must.


ballet workout outfits: strappy & lacy

Strap In & Lace Up

Every real-life ballerina loves special leotard detailing, but if you’re not into the whole bodysuit thing, channel a similar style with a strappy tank and intricate sports bra. And don’t just stop at the top: Choose a pair of slimming leggings with ankle-tie detailing, and even ankle-strap flats to finish off the look.


ballet workout outfits: ruched & wrapped

Ruched & Wrapped

Wrap skirts and sweaters are a staple in any ballerina’s closet, and this sporty-chic version lends a modern twist to the classic style, thanks to details like a shawl collar and convenient thumb holes. Letting a mesh bra peek out from underneath adds a little bit of edge, while ruched hot shorts give you plenty of room for movement (and just the right amount of sex appeal).