Okay, we know it’s still February and the actual start of spring doesn’t start for another month (ugh), but it’s never too early to start sprinkling in some new items before taking on a major closet overhaul. With the help of a few key pieces, your closet will feel fresh and exciting making it fun to get dressed again. That’s right—no winter wardrobe blah’s here. Keep scrolling to discover on-trend clothing guaranteed to upgrade your style this season.

winter wardrobe: houndstooth blazer

Double Breasted Knit Blazer in Houndstooth

Fashion-Forward Blazer

Houndstooth, tie-dye, animal print—you name it. A printed blazer is a must-have piece to make you feel powerful, confident and unstoppable no matter if it’s at the office or out and about. Layer it over a turtleneck and finish the look with trousers or pair it with a graphic tee and your go-to jeans. Trust us on this one—there’s no wrong way to wear it.


winter wardrobe: camisole

Twisted Strap Cami Top

Classic Cami

Easy to layer and effortlessly stylish, a cami is a closet classic. The twisted straps and silk-like fabric make this one feel elevated and polished enough for both the office and a night out. Team it up with the houndstooth blazer and either slacks or a pair of distressed denim depending on what your day looks like.


winter wardrobe: distressed denim

The Icon Ankle Skinny

Distressed Denim

These distressed jeans are called The Icon Ankle Skinny—and for good reason. They’re comfortable, casual, and altogether amazing. A fashion favorite, this light wash pair of denim is the perfect substitute for the dark denim you’ve been wearing all winter. This simple swap instantly transforms your sweaters and booties into transitional outfits you can wear well into spring.


winter wardrobe: chenille sweater

Chenille Sweater

Oh-So-Soft Sweater

Comfy? Check. Cozy? Check. This chenille sweater hits all of the right marks. The lingering chilly weather (okay, freezing from where we’re sitting) makes it tricky to incorporate lightweight knits just yet, but this sweater is so darn cute you’ll actually look forward to putting yet another sweater on. Balloon sleeves paired with a pretty hue give it a modern update that will instantly freshen up your winter wardrobe.


winter wardrobe: draped jacket

Teagan Reversible Jacket

Drape-Front Jacket

We’re living for the versatility and practicality of this drape-front jacket. It’s not too heavy and not too light making it the perfect piece to carry you from winter to spring. Easy to dress up or down, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to throw this beauty on. Oh, did we mention it’s reversible? Yeah, it’s so good.


winter wardrobe: crossbody clutch

Leah Snake Clutch Crossbody

Convertible Crossbody

Need a bag that works for every day of the week? We’ve got you covered. A detachable strap allows you to easily take this colorful crossbody from your shoulder to your hands. Perfect for errands, a night out, weddings, exploring—you name it. It’s the do-anything kind of bag that makes you wonder how you’ve made it this far without it.


winter wardrobe: black jeans

Sarah Ankle Skinny

Black Skinny Jeans

Having a trusty pair of black skinny jeans in your closet is essential to creating countless chic outfits. Seriously—they look flawless no matter what you pair them with. This pair, in particular, proves that even the smallest details can go a long way. The raw hem gives them a casual yet of-the-moment vibe that sets them apart from the 23 other pairs of black denim you currently own (hey, a girl can never have too many).


Every week I get together with my friends to watch the Bachelor. Usually, we just use it as an excuse to hang out, catch up and be entertained. Okay, and eat tons of delicious food. Appetizers, dips, dessert, you name it. Don’t get me wrong. I love having a fun night with my friends and snacking on all those yummy treats. But, every night after it’s over, I have to focus on getting back to feeling like myself. What I didn’t know after watching last week’s episode, was that it was the start of the first full week of American Heart Month. After indulging all evening, I realized I really needed to focus on cardio health and the many benefits caring for my heart has on my overall well-being. Here are 3 ways to help you start on your path towards a healthier you.

american heart month: yoga
Yoga is a heart-booster as well as a healthy stress outlet.


I always try eating a well-balanced diet because fruits and veggies help me keep my cholesterol and blood pressure down, but sometimes it’s tough. I usually go a million miles a minute, so it can be tempting to cheat on my health from time to time. Keeping a few protein bars or bananas around the house helps me stay on track and snack healthy.


american heart month: running

Running increases circulation & seriously strengthens your heart muscles.


After reading a little more about heart-related symptoms, I didn’t even think about the effect it could have on my hair. Hair relies on blood flow to the scalp, delivering nutrients and oxygen to follicles which, in turn, help it grow. While natural, hormonal hair loss can be treated by a daily hair loss pill, a sudden loss could be an early warning sign of heart complications. Since learning that, I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for thinning clumps. If need be, I can ask my doctor about it and find a solution that works for me.


american heart month: weight training

Reduce the risk of heart-related issues by giving weight training a try.


Kicking it into gear and pushing through a workout is tough, especially when I’m motivating myself through a winter workout. Keeping active helps me stay at a healthy body weight which inherently protects me from heart-related issues like high blood pressure and heart disease. Sometimes I like working out with a friend to help me push myself—and it’s just a lot more fun!

A lot of this I already do because I enjoy it. Now that I understand all the benefits it has on my overall well-being, I’m going to focus even more on loving my heart so that it loves me back!


As soon as February hits, it’s obvious to many that winter just isn’t their thing (guilty). So—naturally—you begin plotting your escape to warm, sandy destinations. Before you know it, your plane ticket is booked and PTO is on the calendar. You’ll be too busy daydreaming of sunbathing and tasty tropical drinks to give your packing list much thought, so we’ve taken care of it for you. Here are 5 vacation outfits perfect for a tropical destination.

vacation outfits: cardigan

blouse | cardigan | denim

Take-off to Touch Down

White jeans paired with a colorful cardigan and printed blouse is a TSA-friendly look that will allow you to head from airport to resort without skipping a beat. Once the warmer temps start to hit, simply ditch the outer layer and soak up the sun. You’ll love how comfortable yet stylish this get-up is for your long day of travel. Hey—once you hit those sandy shores, it’ll be totally worth it.


vacation outfits: white denim jacket & bermuda shorts

shorts | top | jacket | earrings

A.M to P.M

An easy way to nail a fashion-forward and functional outfit is to opt for Bermuda shorts instead of classic cut-offs. This trendy silhouette looks great paired with a white denim jacket (yes, denim on denim is still a thing) and a bold blouse. The best part about this easy ensemble is that it works for all hours of the day. Simply swap sneakers for sandals for an effortless transition.


vacation outfits: palazzo pants

pants | hat | necklace | bracelet

Easy Breezy

No tropical getaway is complete without a pair of palm print palazzo pants. Their wide-leg silhouette makes for plenty of versatile vacation outfits whether you use them as a swimsuit cover-up or dress them up for patio drinks. For a boho-inspired look, pair them with a fitted tank, wide-brimmed fedora, and artisan accessories.


vacation outfits: dress

dress | hat | purse | earrings

Low-Key Luxe

If you’re going for seriously relaxing and totally stress-free, a breezy wrap dress is as easy as it gets. This throw-on-and-go piece works whether you’re taking a beachside stroll or sitting down for a sunset dinner. Complete your look with a circle bag (so on-trend) and a packable fedora. This UV-protecting hat rolls up into a tiny shape that frees up all kinds of space in your suitcase.


vacation outfits: tie front top

top | purse | bracelet

On the Move

Adventure seekers who aren’t content with just chillin’ on the beach need an outfit that fits for an action-packed day. These bright and stretchy shorts bring your warm-weather outfits to the next level and make exploring a breeze. Pair them with a printed tie-front blouse to keep you cool and finish your look with low-maintenance accessories.


No matter what your fitness routine looks like, you want leggings that work just as hard as you do. It’s hard to argue that nothing is more distracting than dealing with ill-fitting workout wear when you’re in the middle of breaking a sweat. To help you confidently conquer your workout, we’ve mastered the list of must-have leggings guaranteed to make you feel comfortable from warm-up to cool-down.

workout leggings: glyder

leggings | bra

1. Running

When you’re getting ready to hit the pavement—or the treadmill—it’s important to select leggings that won’t throw off your stride. These breathable performance leggings will keep you cool and dry making your run more enjoyable than ever. Aside from amazing fabrication, they also feature a high-rise waistband that ensures a comfortable fit and laser-cut detailing in a fashion-forward zebra pattern.



workout leggings: glyder zebra print

leggings | tank | bra


For a high-intensity workout, the last thing that you want to be doing hiking up your leggings or worrying about sheerness. These premium printed leggings feature a secure high-rise waistband that stays put—aka no rolling down and zero adjusting. Plus, they’ve passed the critical squat test to make sure there are no see-through elements. Winner, winner!


workout leggings: maaji

leggings | tank | bra

3. Spin

Spin classes are high-energy and super fun, but they definitely require a specific kind of legging to keep up. To make the most of your workout, opt for these supportive 7/8 floral leggings with compression seaming. A compression fabric that comfortably hugs your muscles will increase your blood flow, strength, and power.


workout leggings: beyond yoga

tank | bra

4. Yoga

These ankle-length leggings from Beyond Yoga are so buttery-soft we’d go so far as to say you could live in them. Made from four-way stretch and quick-drying materials, they’re ideal for all types of yoga. And, with no external seams and a comfortable high-rise waistband, they’ll stay put all the way from sun salutations to savasana.



workout leggings: spiritual gangster


5. Athleisure

Athleisure has been trending now for quite some time and we are huge fans of throwing on our favorite leggings whenever we get the chance—no workout required. Whether you’re running errands, heading to brunch, or binging the latest Netflix release, these animal printed leggings made from super-soft fabric are a no-brainer.


Trying to come up with fresh and innovative ways to refresh your closet—let alone your work wardrobe—in the middle of winter is especially difficult. Hello, midseason slumps are very real. So, how do you make your standard work wardrobe feel new again? Here are 3 fashion-forward (and 100% fail-proof) work outfits for every kind of office dress code. Plus—we’ve added a few 0f our employee’s favorite podcasts to listen to during their 9-to-5. Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments below 👇

work outfits: leopard dress

blazer | earrings | tote

Make a Statement

Animal prints (aka one of the top trends as of late) have become as versatile as polka dots and stripes. The playful patterns will pair with everything you already own in your closet making for countless work outfits. Our personal favorite? Leopard print. In this fierce feline print, you’ll be ready to take on the world. Complete this easy-to-achieve outfit with a sleek blazer and your go-to accessories.

The Podcast to Press Play On: The Sorta Awesome Podcast


work outfits: red blazer

pants | blouse | blazer | purse | earrings

You’ve Got This

Black trousers are a staple and if you don’t already have a pair, request the fab pair above. They will serve as a great foundation piece for adding bold pieces up top. Just know that whenever you need a boost for a big meeting, or a transitional piece to take you from day to night, these beauties will do the trick.

The Podcast to Press Play On: Beauty Biz BFFs 


work outfits: midi skirt

skirt | blouse | jacket | purse | earrings

Knock ‘Em Dead

On days you’re just not feeling a pair of pants, try out a playful midi skirt. With a spotted print, this sassy skirt will be the focal point of your ensemble. Pairing it with an edgy moto jacket is a total power move. For the finishing touch, add a top that showcases your personality.

The Podcast to Press Play On: True Crime Obsessed


Let’s face it—we live in a world full of stress. From continually feeling the pressure to pack our days with work, errands, chores, and somehow squeezing time for a personal life, the concept of taking it easy seems easier said than done. But—in case anyone hasn’t told you—you are so deserving of taking a moment (or a million) to unwind and we’re here to help you do it. Here are 3 smart ways to reduce stress and take it easy.

take it easy: blue joggers

joggers | bra

1. Forgo the FOMO

Yup, that’s right. Ditch the fear of missing out and embrace JOMO—the joy of missing out. Consciously trade the self-doubt for self-care and throw on some comfy clothes (um, have you seen the fantastic joggers above?) and be content with a night in. There are always going to be things going on, and it’s totally okay to take a night off from the bustling world.


take it easy: camo joggers

joggers | sweatshirt | tank

2. Do Nothing

At first, this might seem really hard. The important thing is to forfeit the idea that doing nothing equates to laziness. So not true. Grab a cozy outfit (this post is full of inspo), completely unplug and take it easy. Doing this regularly does wonders for your mental, emotional, and physical health. When is the right time to do nothing? Pay attention to your stress signals. You’ll know best when you need it the most.


take it easy: black joggers

joggers | hoodie

3. Get Rid of Guilt

Set aside that to-do list, use that PTO you’ve been saving up for a vacay, or take a “me” day. We’re so used to always working or being on-the-go that when you take some time to yourself, it might be hard to relax at first. We—as, you know, humans—need breaks, and there’s no need to feel guilty for taking them. So snag your favorite athleisure, set aside that laptop, hide your phone, and kick back and relax you superstar, you.


Everyone knows the feeling. Waking up in the morning with a million things on your agenda and no desire to find separate outfits for each of those activities. Thankfully, athleisure wear has become an integral part of women’s wardrobes across the globe. The best part? The trend is not just for workouts. Athleisure breaks down the barriers of traditional workout wear and street style and combines the two resulting in trend-savvy, real-life outfits. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling, running errands, or just grabbing a cup of coffee, these elevated, easy-to-wear outfits are everything you need to help you get through the day—and the year ahead.

athleisure wear: joggers

Rise & Grind

We are just going to say it—these joggers are everything. Their sleek and tailored design practically makes them essential for starting out your athleisure wardrobe. Pair them with a muscle tank to tackle a busy morning. Once you’ve crossed everything off of your to-do list, throw on a tee—either plain or with a graphic—and layer it under a moto jacket. Boom. You’ve just nailed a seriously stylish athleisure look.


athleisure wear: hoodie

Hit the Pause Button

There’s no denying that athleisure is ideal when you’re running from your workout to wherever. But it’s also designed for your off-duty days, too. Take a moment and slow down in comfortable leggings and a cozy sweatshirt. Pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read and head to your local coffee shop. Or, kick back on the couch and have a guilt-free binge session. You’ve earned it!


athleisure wear: graphic sweatshirt

Just Roll With It

We totally get that the day-to-day—okay, life in general—is pretty unexpected. You need pieces that move with you no matter what surprises are thrown your way. Opt for relaxed, non-restricting silhouettes like this smile-inducing sweatshirt. With its cheerful mantra, it provides a dose of happiness both to you and those around you. You never know whose day you might impact just by spreading a little love.


If you’re finally getting a chance to exhale after all the holiday madness, you might feel like now—more than ever—is the perfect time for a getaway. We have to admit, we totally agree. Whether your trip is planned to a ‘T’ or you’re still working out the details, our all-new Resort Wear has the pieces you need to perfectly pack your bags for your next vacay.

resort wear: floral blouse

1. Breezy Blouse

A breezy blouse is a super convenient piece to have on hand. Not only is the palm print extremely fitting for your warm-weather escape, but it’s also an easy piece to dress up or down. Pair it with shorts, skirts, or denim to create a multitude of looks. Versatility is key when selecting the items that get to take the trip with you—the other pieces in your closet will forgive you, we promise.


resort wear: chino short

2. Chino Shorts

A chino short is a fail-proof piece to pack if your vacation is a combination of adventure and relaxation. They err on the sophisticated side, so you’ll look put-together—and feel incredibly comfortable—as you take on a day of sightseeing. Complete the ensemble with a hands-free crossbody bag and lightweight knit.


resort wear: kimono

3. Breezy Kimono

From poolside to a seaside dinner, a breezy kimono is a must for any tropical getaway. Layer it over your swimsuit while you’re soaking in the sun (with a bunch of previously applied SPF, of course) or over a casual dress. Throw on a wide-brimmed straw sun hat for the finishing touch. Worried it’ll take up too much space? Nope. This one rolls up into a packable size that will fit even in your carry-on.


resort wear: knit dress

4. Knit Dress

This striped knit dress is the perfect throw-on-and-go piece. With a classic striped print and breezy silhouette, it will work for all of your vacay plans—or zero plans at all. Added bonus? It packs really well and won’t take up valuable space in your suitcase. Slip this on with a sneaker if you’re exploring or a heeled sandal for a fun night out.


resort wear: white denim

5. White Denim

Even if you’re heading to a warmer destination, the weather still may be a bit iffy this time of year. One way to keep your vacay outfits looking fresh (no matter the forecast) is white denim. Much like your classic indigo jeans, these will pair with anything and everything you have packed.


If there’s one thing we love about winter, it’s all of the cozy textures and oversized layers we get to wear all season. With so many great options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to narrow down which pieces deserve a spot in your closet. Our stylists are showcasing the 5 must-have pieces of winter clothing that are fashion-forward and can stand up to the cold.

winter clothing: reversible vest

1. Reversible Vest

For those in-between days or layering up indoors, a plush vest is a perfect option for keeping you warm. This one is especially coveted because of its reversible capabilities (who doesn’t love a good twofer?). Lined with ivory sherpa on one side and olive microsuede on the other, you can easily choose how you want to style your outfit.


winter clothing: sherpa jacket

2. Sherpa Jacket

Sherpa is one of the biggest trends of winter so it’s no wonder that this cozy jacket is made it in the top five. The premium and undeniably cozy sherpa fabric ensure warmth on those days where the temperatures start to dip. Plus, the slightly boxy fit makes it easy to layer over everything from chunky sweaters to laid-back athleisure.


winter clothing: instasculpt jeans

2. Skinny Jeans

These mindfully made skinny jeans from DL1961 are figure-flattering and will complement any outfit you pair them with. They’re made with a bit of stretch so they’ll feel as comfortable as your favorite leggings that you had to talk yourself out of when you left the house (been there). Pair them with oversized silhouettes for a well-balanced look.


winter clothing: crew neck sweater

4. Cozy Crew Neck Sweater

Not only is this crew neck incredibly stylish, but it’s also crafted from a cotton blend with a splash of wool that’s perfect for all of your cold-weather outfits. We also love that the dramatic balloon sleeves and chevron pattern give it a bit of a vintage vibe. And, with its warm rose hue, it’ll instantly refresh your winter wardrobe. What’s not to love?


winter clothing: basic base layer

5. Basic Base Layer

Meet your new favorite long sleeve tee. Made from a cozy ribbed fabric, it’s great for layering under all of your winter clothing. Ready for the best part? With each purchase, Project Social T donates a percentage to a variety of different charities nationwide. You’ll feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy both on the inside and the outside every time you wear it.


For those that typically enjoy an outdoor workout, the winter weather can certainly put a damper on your fitness routine. As tempting as it is to hibernate and skip it altogether, there are plenty of benefits that come from enduring the cold temps and snowy environment. You burn more calories, strengthen your heart, and get a healthy dose of vitamin D to keep you happy and energized. Doesn’t sound too bad, huh? We’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you survive your outdoor winter workout and hit the ground running—just watch out for ice!

outdoor workout: warm-up

Warm-Up + Hydrate

A warm-up is essential before any exercise but is especially vital for an outdoor winter workout. Your muscles and joints are more susceptible to sprains in freezing temperatures making it easier to get injured. Start with a 20-minute jog to get your body loosened up and ready to go. It’s also important to remember to drink fluids before, during, and after your workout. While you may not feel as thirsty as you would in warm weather, you’ll be working up a sweat and breathing in dry air making it easy to lose fluids. Carry a water bottle or sports drink with you to stay hydrated.


outdoor workout: dress in layers

Dress in Layers

In order to keep your body warm and dry, it’s important to dress in layers—and in the correct order. Start with a base layer that wicks away moisture. Then, layer on wool or fleece to keep you insulated and warm. To top it all off (literally), throw on a water-resistant layer to be prepared for the elements. Once your body starts to warm up during your workout, you can strip away layers as needed. It’s also important to make sure your ears, hands, and feet are protected. When it’s cold, most of your blood flow will be directed to your core, leaving these parts of your body vulnerable. Wear a hat or headband, wool gloves, and thermal socks to prevent frostbite.


outdoor workout: safety first

Safety First

It’s important to take care of your skin—yes, skin—during your outdoor workout. The dry air can easily dry out your skin (even with all of the water you’ll be drinking) so consider applying a heavy-duty winter moisturizer before you head out. Something else you might not have thought about? Sunburn. Yup, it can still happen even in the winter. Apply sunscreen and a UV-blocking lip balm prior to your workout. With the winter days being so short, it’s very possible you’ll be working out after dark. Stock up on reflective gear to make sure you’re safe even after the sun goes down. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you have proper footwear with enough traction. Nobody wants to be slipping and sliding!

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