There are literally hundreds of reasons you should be exercising each day—especially now that we are all mostly working from home. As always, I’m not just talking about physical health here. There are so many benefits to your mental health too. If you live with a roommate or significant other, this can be a great time to get those endorphins pumping together. Parter workouts also add a whole new challenge by incorporating movements you can’t easily do on your own. Whether you have a home gym or like me, a few wine bottles to use as weights (hey, an average full bottle of wine weighs 2.65 lbs!) you can do this full-body partner workout making modifications based on what’s available at home.

partner workouts: wine bottle weights

12x Shoulder Press

Using weights, a resistance band or wine/water bottles, start with arms at 90 degrees and push arms overhead making sure you don’t lock out the elbows.

12x Bicep Curls to Shoulder Press

Start with arms straight, palms facing forward, and curl hands to shoulders. Then do your shoulder press releasing back down to complete the eccentric part of your bicep curl.

30-Second Isometric Wall Squat Holds

With your backs against the wall, squat down as low as you can go. Ideally, thighs are parallel to the ground. Keep hands against the wall and hold.


partner workouts: wall squats

10 Wall Squats with “Ball” Toss

Ball is in quotes here because you don’t need one. If you don’t have a medicine ball lying around, use a jug of laundry detergent, sandbag, or even a wet towel thrown in a trash bag. Get creative here! Squat with your backs against the wall and rotate your torso tapping your “ball” to the wall then tossing it to your partner. Partner repeats. Switch sides for your next set.

10 Side Lunges with Rotation Clap

Stand side-by-side with your partner and lunge sideways away from your partner then lunge sideways towards your partner and clap hands. Switch sides for your next set.

30 Low Plank Claps (15 each side)

Get in forearm plank side-by-side with your partner. Using your outside arm, bring it out to the side of your body and then rotate it underneath you to meet your partner in the middle and clap. Switch sides and repeat.

30 Side Plank with Rotation Clap (15 each side)

Start in a straight arm side plank back-to-back with your partner with your non-weight bearing arm straight up to the sky. Rotate the straight arm down towards the ground and clap hands with your partner underneath your torso. Switch sides and repeat.


partner workouts: arm workouts

Go through each of these 2-4 times based on your fitness levels and allotted time. It’s not only a fun way to break up the monotony of working out alone, but it also is a low-key difficult set that you should feel the next day!


Social distancing is hard enough—now we are facing a world-first: Mom’s Day in quarantine. Some of us might be lucky enough to “see” our mom and press our hand to a glass window or blow kisses from the curbside. For many of us, we’ll be sharing our love via webcam. Let’s also remember that Mom’s Day can be tough for those on a private journey to motherhood, those alone or missing someone. For this reason, we’re opening up the circle of love on Mom’s Day this year. Here are 21 creative ways you can love up all the special ladies in your lives.

1. Crafter-Noon

Have a crafter-noon working through some DIY crafts on Pinterest. Pick a few favorites ahead of time to make sure you have everything you need! If you’re working together virtually, send a surprise full of all the materials she’ll need for your crafting day.

2. Webcam Glam

Living in sweats has been pretty amazing, but Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get all dolled up for some webcam glam. Throw a tea party, cook an ultra-fancy dinner, or bring out your inner barista and try out some chic cocktails.

3. At-Home Spa Day

Send the special lady in your life a few products from her favorite skincare line. Or, set up a bubble bath with a diffuser (lavender is oh-so relaxing) and a glass of wine. Pro tip: there are so many good spa playlists on Spotify that you can throw on to really make it feel like the real deal.

4. Class It Up

There are so many online classes you can take together. Take an Airbnb Experience, do a self-guided paint and sip, or even take a virtual yoga class. You can always surprise her with an Active Edit full of fab pieces for her workout.

5. Memory Lane

If you live close enough, drive over to their house and stick hearts and family pics to the windows. Not able to decorate in person? Create a digital slideshow with all of your favorite photos. Add some music and live clips from family and it’s a guaranteed winner.

6. Wantable Gift Card

Even if you can’t be there in person, you can still send the virtual gift with a personal touch: a Wantable Gift Card. Starting at $25, you can load up a gift card with credits that she can put towards her Wantable personal styling experience.

7. DIY Brunch

Anyone else seriously missing Sunday brunch? Try making brunch at home—with delicious mimosas, of course—and tasty waffles or pancakes. If you’re celebrating long-distance, check to see if her favorite brunch spot is delivering!

8. Start Your Own Book Club

Book clubs provide an opportunity to connect and bond. Plus, it reduces stress—and that sounds pretty amazing with everything going on. Not to mention, snacks and beverages are a no-brainer. Get started here.

9. Virtual Happy Hour

The moms in your life are probably missing family and friends especially when they can’t spend this special day together. Surprise her with a virtual get-together with her closest friends or get the entire family on a video call.

10. Snail Mail

Technology is amazing for keeping us all connected especially during times like these, but there is something so special about old school mail. Send a handwritten letter, write her a poem, or create a list of your favorite things about her. The delight of discovering something in the mail is bound to make her day.

11. Movie Night

Stream a mother-daughter movie (Little Women gets our #1 vote) together. If you live close enough, set up an at-home movie theatre (either indoor or outdoor) with popcorn and her go-to movie snacks. If you don’t live close enough, set up a video call and press play at the same time.

12. Picnic

Warmer weather and a bit of sunshine call for a picnic. Fill up a basket with cheese, crackers, fruit, and blankets and enjoy a socially distant picnic. Even if you aren’t able to go to a park, host your picnic in your backyard or patio.

13. Game On

Host a virtual game night with family or friends—or both! If you need a few ideas on which games are perfect for virtual game night, click here. It might surprise you how many there are!

14. Wine Tasting

There are plenty of wine subscription boxes you can send, but if you know her favorite wines, ship them ahead of time to do your very own wine tasting. Set up a flight and discuss what you like or didn’t like about each one. Bonus points if you send tasty crackers along with them.

15. On Broadway

If you’d typically be going to a Broadway show to celebrate, live stream broadway shows. There is plenty to choose from so you can opt for something you haven’t seen before or rewatched a favorite. Go all out and try to make themed snacks or cocktails depending on which one you choose!

16. Take a Hike

For those on the adventurous side, go to a national park—they’re just one click away. It’s a super fun way to “get outside” and see different parts of the world. Do a little research ahead of time and give a self-guided tour as you explore.

17. Try Your Hand at Trivia

Host a virtual trivia night. You can either center it around her favorite show or topic (Friends trivia, anyone?) or write your very own trivia questions about her for guests to answer. If you want to add a competitive edge, throw in a playful prize for the person who gets the most correct answers.

18. Virtual Vacay

Iconic landmarks, museums, and zoos around the world are offering virtual tours. While many have had to postpone vacations, these virtual tours are a great opportunity to take her to somewhere on her bucket list. Plan out a day of sightseeing by sending her a map of the destination along with themed gifts for her to enjoy.

19. Something Sweet

You can never go wrong with a sweet treat. Bake her favorite treat or send her a surprise delivery from her favorite bakery. Or, if she has a family recipe that she loves, ask her to teach you how to make it.

20. Pop-Up Parade

Pop-up parades have been happening like crazy to surprise people for birthdays, anniversaries, and all kinds of celebrations. This holiday lends the perfect time to craft some signs and place them in your car windows. Once your cars are all decked out, drive by her house, honk, wave, and send your love.

21. Karaoke Night

Put on your own concert and host a karaoke night. YouTube offers up countless karaoke options for you to choose from. Set up a video call and share your screen so that everyone can see the lyrics and belt out some tunes.



Looking to embrace a new way to explore the world? Many places around the globe are offering up virtual experiences to provide an escape for those itching to leave their living rooms. Whether you’re revisiting a favorite spot or traveling somewhere for the “first time”, it’s time to stamp your style passport with cute outfits perfect for a day of virtual sightseeing.

cute staycation outfits: paris


Explore the Louvre, sip wine along the Siene, or go to the top of the Eiffel Tower with one of Paris’ many virtual tours. This chic striped sweater and a-line skirt are exactly what we’d envision for a European vacation. It doesn’t hurt to finish your look with a little bubbly, either.


cute staycation outfits: london


Experience all of London’s history & iconic landmarks with 360-degree views. (Or, binge-watch The Crown on Netflix in one day—your choice). To nail the low-key but totally trendy look of London, try crisp white denim paired with a floral top and denim jacket. Denim-on-denim is still trending and this is a great way to pull it off without going overboard.


cute staycation outfits: milwaukee


Our home sweet home. To experience the best of MKE, order some world-famous cheese curds & sip on the champagne of beers. Here in the midwest, we’re all about a balance of trendy and timeless. The bike shorts, belt bag, and baseball hat are all top trends for 2020 yet this outfit is so easy to wear and incredibly comfortable.


cute staycation outfits: tulum


Soak in the natural wonders of the Mayan Ruins and underwater caves all from the comfort of your couch. Pair a strappy tank with your favorite skinnies and finish your look with a wide-brimmed hat. Really want to feel like a tourist? Grab a polaroid and have a little fun by snapping some photos in your own home.


cute staycation outfits: hawaii


Throw a luau, grab an umbrella drink & stream stunning seaside views. Pull out the sunnies, UV-protecting hat, and bright colors for your at-home festivities. The vibrant palm print on this comfortable and breezy tank will really help you set the scene. Ah—you can almost smell the ocean breeze.





Not sure how to mix prints? Can’t quite figure out which trends to invest in? Need help curating a capsule wardrobe? Get all of your fashion FAQs answered by a personal stylist along with tips and tricks for a fail-proof wardrobe. Even better—our stylists are always on standby. Ask your style questions in the comments below or head to our Instagram. No matter what you’d like to know, we’ve got you.

ask a personal stylist: french tuck

“How should I tuck my top?”

Time to channel your inner Tan France (can we please get a new season of Queer Eye ASAP?) and try a French tuck. A French tuck is simply tucking the front part of your shirt and leaving the sides and back loose. With high-waisted bottoms taking over, this easy solution is the perfect way to create a tailored look. Plus, giving your outfit a French tuck instantly adds polish and elongates your frame.


ask a personal stylist: mix prints

“Is it okay to mix prints?”

Uhm—100% yes. Mixing prints is a total power move and allows you to push the boundaries with your daily looks. There really are no rules for mixing prints so don’t be afraid to pair unlikely patterns together. If you need a few ideas to get started, the best thing you can do is look for a common color theme—or go totally monochromatic. Mix a floral with a plaid, leopard with a stripe, or head-to-toe print in different sizes. You truly can’t go wrong.


ask a personal stylist: how to style a blazer

“How can I style my blazer?”

The answer: any way you want. Gone are the days of saving your blazer for your 9-to-5 ensembles (whether it be virtual meetings or not). We’re loving how versatile the classic blazer has become. To give it a more casual vibe, pair it with boyfriend jeans and a knit tank. Or, opt for edgy and try it with an oversized graphic tee and comfy bike shorts (WFH outfit goals). Much like mixing prints, there’s really no wrong way to style this timeless piece.


This Earth Day, we are celebrating simple ways to be kinder to our planet. While we may not yet be able to venture into the great outdoors, there are plenty of opportunities to love Mother Earth from the comfort of our own homes. Today—and every day—we hope you’re inspired by the space around you and this beautiful place that we share.

Made for Play

If you have a fur-baby, then you already know that a plain ol’ box is one of the best things ever. Once you’ve tried everything on in your Edit, keep your box handy for your four-legged friends to play in. Heck—go wild and save up a few to build them a fab fort and fill it with their favorite toys.


Get Crafty

While we all practice social distancing, it’s the perfect time to practice your DIY skills. Unfold your Wantable box and let your imaginations run wild. Draw a town (double points if you duplicate your Animal Crossing village), paint a self-portrait, or design a board game. No matter how you use it, our boxes serve as the perfect blank slate for little ones and grown-ups alike.


Shop Sustainably

We are proud to carry several sustainable brands that follow eco-friendly practices and put our planet first. Whether you receive a Style Edit, Active Edit, or Men’s Active Edit, there are plenty of responsibility made products to add to your closet. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite pieces and added them to an Eco-Friendly Stream to make it super easy for you to request your faves.



When early morning workouts turn into webcam meetings, you need activewear that works just as hard as you do.  From live-in-it loungewear to high-performance fitness gear, our evolving assortment offers up real-life outfits that are elevated and everything you need to get through the day. That’s why we’re making the change from Fitness Edit to Active Edit. New name. Endless adventures.

So, what does this mean?

Our primary focus here at Wantable has always been—and will continue to be—well, you! By listening to your feedback and hearing your stories, we realize that your lives are constantly evolving and no day-to-day looks exactly the same. To offer up an all-encompassing assortment, we’re making the change from Fitness Edit to Active Edit. Whether you’re looking for fitness gear to keep up with your at-home workouts or cuddly cozies for movie night, the new-and-improved Active Edit has got you covered.

Don’t worry—everything else stays exactly the same! Get an Active Edit delivered to your door with seven expertly styled pieces curated just for your lifestyle inside. Try on at home, keep what you love, and pop the rest in your prepaid return envelope.

As always, please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions. One of our Customer Advocates would be happy to assist!



From necklaces and earrings to handbags and hairpieces, accessories are having a major moment. Whether you’re looking to amp up your athleisure or elevate your everyday tee, we’ve got every on-trend accessory you need to pull together all of your at-home outfits.


on-trend accessory: statement earring

Bridget Earring

Statement Earrings

Stay-at-home fashion calls for statement earrings that can do it all. With tassels and a colorful stud, these beauties are a total conversation starter.

“With our new “normal” of video chats & working from home, statement earrings bring a touch of uniqueness, conversation, and happiness to any outfit.” — Becka, Merchant Assistant



on-trend accessory: pendant necklace

Large Coin Necklace

Gold Pendant Necklace

Layer this necklace with a few others in varying lengths and complete your look with a simple tee. Bam—instant on-trend look.

“I’m a minimalist when it comes to accessories, but putting on my go-to gold necklace is an instant outfit-maker—no matter if it’s with a matching sweat set or a graphic tee.” — Lindsay, Copywriter


on-trend accessory: printed scarf

Paisley Floral Fringe Scarf

Printed Scarf

Make a scarf your go-to accessory for completing your waist-up look (hello, virtual conference calls). We’re really digging ones with pops of print and bold hues.

“Scarves have the ability to make basics look more expensive. Plus, they’re total style chameleons! You can tie them around your neck or even use them as a headband. What’s not to love?” — Samm, Content Director & Storyteller


on-trend accessory: belt bag

Demi Waist Bag

Belt Bag

We’re all for any trend where fashion-meets-function. This versatile belt bag is a no-brainer for hectic days where you need to be hands-free but long for a trendy ‘fit.

“As a mom, I love how this belt bag keeps my belongings close while allowing me to be hands-free to attend to my kids—especially with how crazy things have been lately!” — Joaneirys, Stylist


on-trend accessory: hair clips

Small Tortoise Hair Clips

Hair Clips

Pro tip: stock up on any and all hair accessories. These pretty clips bring your looks to life and keep second-day hair out of your face (thank goodness for dry shampoo). Win-win.

“Hair accessories are getting all of my love during this new norm. From headbands to clips, they instantly help me feel more put-together look for virtual meetings.”  — Lindsey, Director of Marketing & Brand



Times are tough—but so are you. We’re here to help keep your spirits lifted and hearts happy with a weekly newsletter filled with smile-inducing content. A.K.A cute animals, feel-good moments & heartwarming stories.  #StrongerTogether

May 4th, 2020

Best Birthday Ever 100-year-old Colonel Tom Moore is deemed a hero in the UK after raising £30 million (nearly $37 million USD) for the NHS by walking in his garden. For his recent 100th birthday, he received more than 140,000 cards and sentiments of thanks from around the nation.

Day-Maker Nothing boosts your mood quite like receiving wholesome compliments from a 5-year-old—especially when they’re being cheerfully yelled at you from the sidewalk.

Tickled Pink Thousands of flamingos are flocking to Mumbai due to the surplus in space leaving lakes looking a beautiful shade of pink

Some Good News John Krasinski (best known for his role on The Office) surprises a few lucky 2020 graduates with a party they’ll never forget.

Squeaky Clean A man in Spain makes the most of cleaning during quarantine with a hilarious performance of Queen’s “I Want to Break Free” on his balcony. Definitely adding this tune to our chores playlist.


April 27th, 2020

Such a Sweet Sound For the first time in weeks, a nurse in New York City heard laughter in the halls of her hospital.

Virtual Happiness From children’s hospitals to assisted living facilities, therapy dogs are finding clever ways to spread comfort and cheer. Best puppers ever.

Adorable Reunion After more than two months in quarantine, four-year-old best friends Jazz and Mikel could hardly contain their excitement when they saw each other for the first time.

Bust a Move Close-knit 6-year-old Kira and her grandfather have daily dance-offs from across the street as a way to spend time together during social distancing.

Digital Staycation Need a change of scenery? Hotels around the world are streaming their stunning views to provide an escape.


April 20th, 2020

This Is So Pawesome Every. Single. Doggo was adopted from this shelter in Palm Beach, FL. All over the states, shelters have seen a huge uptake in adoptions. BRB while we go fill out an application…

Story Time Teachers are everything. After noticing her student was feeling a bit down, this woman took the time to stop by and share stories on the sidewalk (while remaining socially distant, of course).

Love Is All We Need Iconic landmarks around the world are lighting up blue and displaying hearts to show support for those fighting on the frontlines.

Blue Skies Ahead While social distancing has been taking place, nature has been returning to cities and pollution has reduced all around the world. Now that’s a great way to celebrate Earth Day (which is Wednesday, btw!)

Taking Their Love to New Heights  Nick (88) has been unable to visit his wife, Marion (85) in her nursing home. So—naturally—he rented a bucket truck to be lifted up to her window just to see her face-to-face. #Relationshipgoals


April 13th, 2020

Coloring Pages Coloring is proven to increase creativity and reduce stress. Check out these custom (and totally printable!) coloring pages designed by our very own Copywriter. Be sure to snap a shot of your finished masterpiece and tag us on social media.

Hey, Hi, HELLO  This 3-year-old typically greets everyone on his morning walks. With the streets empty, he had to improvise and—warning—it’s absolutely adorable.

I’ll Be There for You We’re not crying—you’re crying. Albert sat outside his wife, Kelly’s window as she underwent chemotherapy to show his love and support for both her and the hospital workers.

#ClapBecauseWeCare Every night at 7 PM, people emerge on their balconies to applaud those on the medical frontlines fighting COVID-19. Wow—anyone else get goosebumps?

That’s Pretty Neat Explore the beauty of nature from the comfort of your couch by taking a digital tour. Visit one that has been on your bucket list or revisit a favorite. The (virtual) world is your oyster.

Game On Seniors at a care home in the UK enjoy a bit a friendly competition with a real-life game of Hungry Hippo.

Night at a Museum Education and culture? Sign us up. Instantly travel across the world to famous museums and enjoy their latest exhibits.

And 5, 6, 7, 8! Socially distant workout FTW. Exercise releases endorphins—and who doesn’t need an extra dose of happy right now? Check to see if your fave gym or yoga studio is hosting any virtual classes. Reminder: spontaneous dance parties totally count, too.

March of the Penguins Edward and Annie, a pair of bonded penguins, got to step outside of their exhibit and explore the Shedd Aquarium. Our hearts just melted.


Three weeks ago today, after this fashion shoot featuring women of Wantable, we began our new socially distant life. Hustling to work by webcam, chasing doggos and kiddos (counts as cardio, right?) and to connect via video chat, texts, calls, letters, even waving through windows. What we have found is that these bonds, with our precious customers, our work family and, of course, our humans at home, mean everything. We are so grateful for those still working to keep us all safe—the true heroes, like the delivery folks, the store assistants, emergency services and those on the medical front lines. You know who you are, and we ❤️ you for it.

As you know, there isn’t a map to guide us through this, but our plan is to stay true to putting people first, giving back to our community and to fueling your self-confidence with inspiring stay-home style. We’re using our hearts and hustle to share meaningful content that we hope will lift your spirits. But this isn’t a one-way conversation—if there’s something you’d like to see let us know. So, let’s start now with our ‘then and now’ story. We plan to do this photoshoot again, at the same time, next year. Will you join us? We hope so. Take care of you and yours.


women of wantable: jess

Jess loves her fam, singing, and wine. Lots of wine. 
Meet Jess: Buyer for Tops & Sweaters


On the shoot, they blew the fan on me and my hair blew back, I felt like I was Christie Brinkley in National Lampoon’s Vacation—you know the scene where she’s in the car! I would definitely wear this dress for an important work meeting or special occasion. This dress is simple and sophisticated; I love the tie waist. This feature makes the dress feel more “fitted”.  Also, blue is one of my favorite colors. 🙂


women of wantable: jess


My world is so different. I have a home office stacked with boxes of samples. My time is mostly spent helping my kids (Ryleigh, Emalyn & Finley) with schoolwork and trying to stay sane in the midst of this crisis. We take lots of walks and stay in touch with family through Zoom. It’s like a totally different world!


One thing I have learned is patience! Patience to get through my day-to-day activities (while being cooped up at home) and keep my children occupied and entertained.


women of wantable: samm

Brit. Mom. Writer. Self-confessed cheeky ginger. 
Meet Samm: Content Director & Storyteller


I’m used to making content, not being in it! Honestly, I nearly bailed on the shoot. I was so reluctant to let it go and have fun. It’s like Anna (our photographer) could see something I couldn’t. As soon as I put on that dress, I felt like a million bucks. And, hello, pockets!


women of wantable: samm


I cherish my time connecting by webcam. Finding new ways to hustle and problem-solve with my work family. We’re really getting to know one another and harness the power of each other’s mad skills. (Note: our copywriter has become an unbelievable coloring book creator, our photographer learned to sew, etc.)

I’m also loving chatting with my Mum in England during the wee hours (they’re all six hours ahead). It’s this simple—making someone smile feels good (esp. my teenage son, a feat in itself). Lifting someone’s spirits is the new superpower. A cheeky joke or a wave from your window could be keeping someone afloat.

As for me, and the holding back stuff? Oh, behave.


Don’t save that fabulous dress for a rainy day. Wear it now. Love it now. Be in the now!


women of wantable: lauren

Mom to a sweet, funny Olivia (3) AKA fashionista-in-the-making.
Meet Lauren: Stylist Supervisor


I am totally fine taking pictures in a group but when it’s all eyes on me – cue the awkwardness! All I could think was, don’t mess it up and have fun. I did love the dress. It wasn’t something I would normally pick out for myself but that’s what I loved about it. It made the photoshoot special. I want to give props to our AMAZING photo team. I was able to let loose (also listening to Bruno Mars and Post Malone helped). I also remember going out to lunch with my friend and fellow stylist, Jenna, which was fun. Since I had my hair styled differently than normal (I literally wear it straight every day) I felt a little more glam!


women of wantable: lauren


Wow, it’s insane to think that was three weeks ago already! Today my world consists of staying/working from home (social distancing, am I right?). I try to still have somewhat of a normal routine, but I gotta admit, working in my loungewear with little to no makeup, is kinda refreshing.


Whenever people ask me why I love Wantable, I always say it’s because of the people and sense of community. If it weren’t for being around uplifting and encouraging people daily, I would not be able to conquer certain things as easily or with confidence—like this!


women of wantable: lindsay

Dog Mom. Reader. Adventurer. Creative with words and tattoos.
Meet Lindsay: Copywriter


Well, I got pulled in at the last second so I was a bit nervous—but very excited! I love a bit of spontaneity. Plus, it was super fun to get hair and makeup done prior to the shoot. I’m typically not a huge dress wearer, but I love that this one had a slight boho feel to it. Once I swapped heels for my go-to sneakers and paired it with a denim jacket, it totally felt like “me”.  I’m so grateful for Anna, our photographer. She has so much energy on set and truly makes you feel amazing.


women of wantable: lindsay



Wow—three weeks ago feels like a totally different time. I’ve been taking my dog on lots of long walks, trying to improve my cooking skills (which were pretty much nonexistent), making a dent on the stack of books I’d love to read, working through a list of projects in my (somewhat) new home, and playing lots of board games with my boyfriend. My family and I have also made a routine of hopping online to all play Mario Kart together. It’s super grounding to jump on FaceTime and catch up and have a bit of friendly competition.



I learned that getting all dolled up really did have a boost in my confidence. I’ve kept that in mind even working from home. If I’m feeling like I need a boost, I get ready for the day like I’m heading to the office or out-and-about. It makes a big difference in my mood! I was also reminded throughout the experience that we truly have such an inspiring and supportive office of individuals and I’m grateful for them!


women of wantable: rose

Dog owner. Plant whisperer. Really, really, fast runner.

Meet Rose: Photo Studio Assistant


To be completely honest, just seeing the dress on the hanger scared me. It’s so vibrant… It’s not something I would normally even look at twice, let alone try on. But wow, the minute I put it on my feelings changed! PSA: I plan to buy the dress.


women of wantable: rose


My world now consists of working from home, trying to keep workouts creative and fun, and realizing why my dog gets so excited for every chance to go outside. Would I do a photoshoot like this in a year’s time? I would do this every week if I could. So yes, count me in.


I learned that if the dress on the hanger scares me, I should try it on! What you end up loving can surprise you.


women of wantable: abi

Tall girl. Toddler mama. Waffle lover. Classic over-thinker.

Meet Abi: Director of Brand Activation


Confession: I was soooo nervous that I would blush too much, that the dress would hug my new-mom curves too much, that my awkwardness would show too much. But guess what? I didn’t blush. The dress was so cozy and flattering. And if my awkwardness was showing, they didn’t mind it! And I added the dress to my stream right away. I’m almost six feet tall, and it was the perfect length – which can be hard to come by. I also love the faux wrap. It accentuated my curves in all the right places. After work, I had a slew of meetings followed by a lovely evening with my husband and son. Over dinner, I told them about my glamorous photoshoot.


women of wantable: abi


My world looks very different. It looks like cozy leggings, an extra spritz of dry shampoo and an adorable toddler attached at my hip. TBH – Balancing mom-life and work-life (at the same time!) is a new challenge, but one that I’m trying to embrace. In fact, as I type this my son is sitting on my lap “typing” on his “computer” (aka – an old keyboard of mine). I blame all typos on his sneaky, little fingers. I’m grateful for these extra moments together with my son and husband (even though those moments can be chaotic at times), and motivated by my Wantable family; they dole out heaps of grace and support every day.


This photo reminds me to ride the waves. You can either fight the waves (let fear take over) or ride the waves (enjoy the ride.) Whether you’re riding the wave by stepping out of your comfort zone and posing in front of a camera, or riding the wave by hopping video call with wet hair and a babbling babe on your hip. The waves are much more wonderful when you ride them.



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