how to wash workout clothes

We’ve all been there. You pull your favorite compression leggings out of the wash only to find that they’ve become impossibly snagged in the zipper of your skinny jeans… or perhaps they’ve acquired the stench of a thousand pounds of sauerkraut. The reality is that incorrect washing can destroy or significantly shorten the life of your gear. But don’t throw in the towel just yet; we’re here to show you the proper way to wash your sweaty workout clothes. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty…


DO: Air out

Don’t let your clothing sit in a wet, stinky bundle. You’re virtually rolling out the welcome mat for mold and mildew. Hang items to dry instead of leaving them in your gym bag or tossing them in your hamper. Since most fitness fabrics are non-absorbent to begin with, they’ll dry in a snap.


DO: Wash cold

This may seem counterintuitive, but washing in cold water is a must. (The care label of nearly any workout garment will back this up.) Keeping it chill prevents shrinkage and the breakdown of highly elastic fabrics.


DO: Wash inside out

Sweat, bacteria, and natural body oils accumulate on the inside of the fabric, so flipping your items before washing is key. This ensures your washing machine can get straight to work on the dirtiest bits. Turning clothing inside out also helps prevent fabrics from visibly pilling.


DO: Use white vinegar to eliminate odors

If things have gotten a little out of hand on the funk front, there are plenty of effective odor eliminating products available, but we prefer to keep things simple and all-natural with white vinegar. When needed, add half a cup to the softener compartment, so clothes will get a clarifying rinse after the wash cycle. And never fear, any lingering vinegar smell will disappear as your gear dries.


How-To: Wash Workout Clothes

DON’T: Wash with abrasive garments

Mesh and cut-outs are having a big moment right now, and those on-trend details require extra TLC. Sort your gym duds in a separate load from your denim and other pieces with zippers or metal hardware. If that’s not possible in your busy life, mesh delicate bags are your new best friend. (Bonus: They’re ideal for keeping regular bras, sweaters, and embellished clothing safe too.)


DON’T: Use too much detergent

Take it easy there, killer. Excess detergent can cause build-up in fabrics, locking in the stink from your workout. It can even lead to nasty fungal growth. Eau de mildew, anyone? Be careful with concentrated detergents especially. Chances are, you’re using at least twice what you need.


DON’T: Use fabric softener

This is the absolute most important step. It can mean the difference between feeling like a million bucks or feeling like a swamp creature at the gym. Fabric softener clogs up the fibers of your fitness garments, leaving a coating that prevents them from truly getting clean. It also blocks the moisture-wicking capabilities of technical fabrics. The same goes for dryer sheets—just say no.


DON’T: Use the dryer

Air dry, always! Otherwise, you may as well hold a memorial service for every last piece of lycra you own. High heat can damage the elasticity and shape of spandex/lycra fabrics and trap in any unpleasant scents not removed during the wash. But let’s get real—we can’t always schedule our lives perfectly, so if you’re in a rush, be sure to tumble on a low or no-heat setting.

style at every age fashion in your 30s

In your 20s, you alternated between building a foundation of basics and experimenting with every trend imaginable. In your 30s, you’re leading a fuller, busier life packed with milestones—promotions, baby showers, weddings—and a far more hectic schedule to squeeze it all into. It’s time to go beyond the basics (and girlish fads) and focus on polished pieces that are versatile enough to serve your busy life. Fashion in your 30s starts with these essential styles.


Fashion in Your 30s: Lace Top

1. Ladylike Tops

A crammed calendar calls for tops that are appropriate for every occasion, transitioning seamlessly from work to dinner plans or a bridal shower to a charity event. Thankfully, we’ve learned that a less-is-more approach is far more alluring than the skin-baring styles of our past. Opt for tops that are more sleek than sexy—focusing on luxe fabrics, interesting textures, and statement details.


Fashion in Your 30s: Tailored Trousers

2. Tailored Trousers That Aren’t Black

You’ve got your workwear staples covered, and chances are, it includes a whole bunch of basic black (yawn). Your weekday wardrobe is begging for styles with a bit more personality. The next time you’re hunting for office-appropriate pants, embrace texture and pattern; try herringbone, gingham, crosshatching, or stripes. And, if necessary, head to a tailor to make sure you get that perfect made-for-you fit.


Fashion in Your 30s: Chambray Button Up
3. A Chambray Button Up

Sleeker and more versatile than the denim jacket you wore throughout your 20s, the chambray shirt can be worn as a workwear blouse, casual top, or lightweight outer layer. Business casual dress code? Wear it buttoned and tucked into trousers or a pencil skirt. Off-duty, pair it unbuttoned with a white tee and darker denim or throw it on over a printed shift dress. Really, anything goes with this wardrobe workhorse.

Fashion in Your 30s: Grown-Up LBD
4. A Grown-Up LBD

The wedding invites that started arriving like clockwork in your 20s continue to pour in. Only now, you’re being invited to swankier soirees. The super-sweet or slinky styles worn in the past no longer fit the bill, so it’s time to invest in a polished LBD. Choose a flattering silhouette you feel amazing in—regardless of your current relationship with the gym—so you feel completely confident when the next formal invite arrives.

Fashion at Every Age: Bright Bag

Fashion at Every Age: The Bright Bag

No matter how many times you’ve been around the sun, there are a few necessary pieces that every woman needs in her style arsenal. After all, age is just a number. A bold statement bag is the easiest way to elevate a simple tee and jeans or a classic button-up and trousers.

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best sports bras for every activity

When it comes to sports bras, there’s no one size fits all solution. Finding the right support for your sport depends on your shape as well as your workout’s impact level. No matter your cup size, we’ve got you (and your girls) covered, so check out our guide for choosing the right type of sports bra for every activity.

Low Impact Sports Bras

Low-impact sports bras are designed for yoga, pilates, walking, and weight-training.

Designed with comfort in mind, these styles are less structured and typically offer lighter coverage with slimmer straps.


If your cup size is: A

You can get away with wearing low-impact sports bras for yoga, boot camp, and everything in between. So go ahead and wear these lightweight, frequently-strappy styles for any activity!


If your cup size is: B or C

Choose styles that offer enough front coverage to keep you comfortable through yoga inversions and overhead presses. Adjustable straps help customize the fit and add additional support for medium cup sizes.


If your cup size is: D+

While the right low-impact sports bra may work for comfy everyday wear, steer clear of these low-coverage, low-support styles for any activity beyond going for a stroll.


Medium Impact Sports Bras

Medium-impact sports bras are ideal for spinning, hiking, elliptical training, and dance-based workouts.

These styles may still include intricate details but offer more support with thicker underbands, extra coverage, and elasticized straps.


If your cup size is: A or B

These are your perfect sports bras for running. Additional coverage and the comfort of structured straps provide more than enough support for any intense workout.


If your cup size is: C or D

Strappy styles aren’t just for smaller cup sizes, but there are a few key factors in getting the support you need; look for bras with multiple straps on each side that contain strong internal elastics.


If your cup size is: DD+

Wear these bras for activities where less support is needed, but extra coverage is a necessity. Whether you’re choosing a style that’s straightforward or detailed, wide and/or elasticized straps are a must.


High Impact Sports Bras

High-impact sports bras are built for running, circuit training, plyometrics and fast-paced sports.

Support and function are maximized with the help of full coverage silhouettes, wide elastic straps, and double layered fabric.


If your cup size is: A, B or C

Even small-to-medium-busted ladies can benefit from a compressive full-coverage fit, especially for cardio-based workouts. To control the bounce-factor, switch to a high-impact style for your next run or HIIT workout.

If your cup size is: D+

These are the styles you may feel most comfortable in for the majority of workouts. When you’re looking for a fashion-forward style, high neck bras with mesh piecing or cutouts offer support that manages to avoid the dreaded “uni-boob” look. Or, keep things simply structured with wide crisscross straps.

* * * * *

How to Make Your Sports Bras Last Longer

Read our complete list of dos and don’ts to keep your workout gear in peak performance shape.

style at every age fashion in your 20s

If your wardrobe is having a quarter-life crisis, you’re not alone. The trends we tried in our teens have been languishing at the back of our closets for years, only to resurface in the occasional (and sartorially horrifying) Timehop post. It’s time to clear the clutter and take a fresh approach to fashion in your 20s. Here are our top picks for building a strong wardrobe foundation. Ready, set, #adulting…


Fashion in Your 20s: Everyday Dress

1. A Casual Everyday Dress

Get more mileage out of your wardrobe with a casual dress—it’s far more useful than a slinky going-out number you’ll wear once or twice before banishing it to the back of your closet. A stretch-knit shift dress is universally flattering. Choose classic stripes or a neutral color like olive to ensure it will be in your rotation for seasons to come.


Fashion in Your 20s: Going Out Top

2. Tops That Bare Just Enough

Every 20-something needs a handful of flattering, go-to tops they can throw on with their favorite skinnies for an impromptu evening out. Choose styles that strike a balance between flirty and polished. Contrast bare shoulders with a relaxed silhouette or flaunt an open back tempered by a higher neckline in front. The goal is to show off your best assets with a touch of class.


Fashion in Your 20s: Black Skinny Jeans

3. Black Pants That Aren’t Leggings

While we readily admit to wearing athleisure on the regular (no shame in our fashion-forward comfort game), it’s important to have a more refined option at hand. A stretchy black skinny jean combines the comfort of a legging with the polish of a trouser. Opt for a rich, super-dark wash and avoid distressing for maximum versatility.


Fashion in Your 20s: Denim Jacket

4. A Classic Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are an incredibly versatile wardrobe staple you’ll reach for time and time again. Wear with a striped top and white skinnies, top off a floral dress, or embrace the “Canadian tuxedo” and pair with denim shorts and a basic tee. However you decide to style this timeless piece, be sure to choose a jacket with stretch so you can layer comfortably through every season.


Fashion at Every Age: Elevated White Tee

Fashion at Every Age: The Elevated White Tee

No matter how many times you’ve been around the sun, there are a few essentials that every woman needs in her style arsenal. After all, age is just a number. A detailed white tee elevates any look from basic to effortlessly stylish—try a knotted detail, ruffled sleeves, or an asymmetrical hemline.

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preppy style

When we think of modern all-American style—perhaps a bit sentimentally—we picture it against the backdrop of picnics in the park and sunny little league games. Not in that picture? Overtly collegiate polos and cardigans. Instead, we’re putting a fresh spin on the classics this spring with our round-up of 7 preppy style essentials. (Bonus: you can mix and match them all!)

Preppy Style for Spring: bell sleeve + white denim

1. Flirty Top in a Polished Print

Preppy doesn’t have to mean buttoned-up. This spring, choose tops that contrast a classic print like stripes or polka dots with flowier feminine details. Try a statement sleeve that’s ruffled or belled, or flaunt your favorite features in an off-the-shoulder top or wrap silhouette.


2. White Skinny Jeans

There’s something so incredibly fresh about a crisp pair of white denim. Add a pair (or two!) to your preppy style arsenal this spring for a lighter take on your tried-and-true skinnies. Throw them on with literally any striped top for an instant outfit when you’re in a rush.

Preppy Style for Spring: colored pants + denim jacket

3. Denim Jacket

This timeless style staple is as relevant as ever—it’s the perfect transitional outerwear piece for in-between weather. If you’re like us, you have a favorite that you pull out of your closet season after season. This spring, try an updated silhouette—we’re loving cropped lengths and belled sleeves.


4. Bright Striped Tee

If nautical navy stripes feel a bit too on-the-nose, it’s time to embrace unexpected shades. Opt for a striped tee in a more vivid shade—think rosy pink, tomato red, sky blue, and sunny yellow—or try a fun multi-hued version.


5. Colored Pants

Whether it’s skinny jeans, joggers, or a cropped trouser, colorful pants are a must for any preppy spring wardrobe. Look for softer, more subdued shades, but think beyond the go-to Nantucket red, and look for styles in lavender, faded olive, or blush.

Preppy Spring Style: plaid button-down + chino shorts

6. Short Sleeve Button-Down

Not just for PSL season, checked prints like plaid and gingham are another preppy style essential. For spring, a relaxed fit button-down lends a more modern, low-key vibe. This style is all about the details—cuffed sleeves, colored buttons, or contrast-fabric trims exude easy, woke-up-this-way style.


7. Classic Chino Shorts

Shorts are a necessity for rising temperatures, and a tailored chino adds clean-lined structure to ground any look. Depending on your dress code, they may even fly for casual Friday—just pair with a tucked-in button down and ballet flats.

fitness routine

The snow has melted, the sun is shining, and the overwhelming urge to wash, scrub, and air out all the things has sprung forth. (No, just us? Perhaps our Midwestern roots are showing.) Even if you aren’t planning to scour every inch of your bathroom grout with a toothbrush, now’s the perfect time to spring clean your fitness routine. Stylist Kara presents her top tips for cleaning up your act so you can tackle your biggest fitness goals this season.

Spring Fitness Routine: Get Outside


1. Get outside.

Now that snow is (mostly) out of the forecast here in the Midwest, I’m headed outdoors to get some fresh air and vitamin D back in my life. The mood boost I get from taking my workout outside this time of year is incredible— a little sunshine makes all the difference. If you’re not into running or biking, it can be as simple as taking a long walk to explore a new neighborhood or park in your city.


2. Get organized.

Spring clean your closet and get rid of the gear you never wear. If you have to dig deep to find something you’re motivated to work out in, you may be less likely to get moving in the first place. Also, it’s time to ditch the all-black-everything. Pull out those prints and vibrant shades to inject fresh energy into your workout.


Spring Fitness Routine: Workout Partner


3. Team up.

Social butterflies, in particular, may need a workout partner or group setting to stay engaged. There’s a strong chance you have a like-minded friend or two who are looking to have a reason to get outside or recommit to their fitness goals. Set a standing weekly date to sweat together so you’re less inclined to skip a workout. Not only will you help hold each other accountable, you’ll get a feel-good boost from spending time connecting.


4. Try something new.

If you’re getting bored with your current fitness routine, or aren’t seeing results, it’s time for a new challenge. Avid yogi? Try an outdoor boot camp. Distance runner? Add TRX classes for strength and stability. If the thought of stepping that far outside of your comfort zone makes you break out in a cold sweat, try revisiting a blast from the past. I loved swimming as a kid, so I’m adding laps back to my workout rotation.


Spring Fitness Routine: Workout Wardrobe


5. Update your workout wardrobe.

If you’re ready for some strategic self-care spending, especially if all you own is the previously mentioned head-to-toe black or a pile of cotton tees, treat yourself to new activewear with a Fitness Edit. I’m a sucker for cute gym clothes and am always more inclined to sneak in an early-morning workout when I’m excited about what I’m wearing. My go-to is usually a fun matching leggings and sports bra set topped with a bright tank or graphic tee. Plus, new workouts may require gear that’s better equipped for the task. The sports bras you wear for yoga may not offer the support you need for running.


Spring Fitness Routine: Workout Playlist


6. Tune in.

For me, great music is everything when it comes to keeping my energy up throughout a workout. Discovering the music-fueled YouTube channel, Blogilates, was a game-changer for me. Founder and certified fitness instructor, Cassey Ho, has fused the best of pilates with upbeat tunes you actually want to groove to, all with a big dose of body-positivity. Find a group fitness class with music that gets you going, or create an inspiring new playlist for your next cardio session.


7. Stick with what works.

This might seem contradictory, but if your regular fitness routine isn’t broken, you don’t need to fix it. While I’m looking forward to swimming in the morning, I’m still as obsessed with Blogilates as the day I discovered it. The key is to find an effective workout you love that’s constantly evolving, pushing you to add speed, weight, intensity, distance, or varied movements. Just be sure to change one element at a time to avoid injuries or burnout.

new femininity bell sleeve

Real talk: we are beyond ready for a shift away from the same old Valentine’s lace and lingerie. It’s time to celebrate a new femininity—free from expectations, full of confidence, and imperfectly beautiful—all about the freedom to choose how you present yourself to the world. Explore three effortless looks from Stylist Cat, selected to help you define a style that’s all your own.


new femininity blush moto


Deliberate Balance

I find that life and style are all about balance. Top a sleek bodycon dress with a zipper-studded moto for an evening look with just-right proportions of polish and attitude. While head-to-toe black may be the obvious choice, I love how a blush or ivory shade gives this iconic jacket a surprising lightness. Pack all your essentials in a compact clutch for a streamlined finishing touch.


 New Feminine: Unapologetically Feminine

Unapologetically Feminine

Feel free to embrace the ultra-femme with a combination of floral, frills, and a flowy silhouette. Pair a delicate peasant top with frayed-hem denim for a contemporary bohemian vibe with a touch of the unexpected. A new bag is one of the easiest and most practical ways to add a pop of on-trend color to a wardrobe—try blush or lavender this spring.


 New Feminine: Modern Modesty

Modern Modesty

I’ve grown tired of the “brand” of feminine style that translates to baring it all. Covering up feels cool and refreshing in a fluttery bell-sleeve top and skinnies. Choose a style with daintily ruffled seams to help accentuate a full, statement sleeve. A simple, muted bag and quirky statement necklace take an everyday ensemble to the next level.

how to wear basic black leggings

The workout wardrobe recipe of head-to-toe black is getting a bit stale. Shorter, darker days and big New Year’s resolutions require more inspiring options to pair with your basic black leggings. Yet, fitness’ ever-popular brights aren’t for everyone. Stylist Lindsay stepped in to whip up an Edit full of subtler shades and unique details for all your winter workouts. Spice up your go-to fitness look with her purple-hued picks.

Jazz Up Basic Black Leggings

Icy Lavender

Pantone’s color of the year, Ultra Violet, is popping up everywhere, but I love this softer, frostier shade of purple for winter. It feels fresh and feminine and is a low key way to add color to your look. Pair the longline Moderate Crop Bra with a high-waisted legging for yoga or wear the high-neck Elle Tank for high-impact workouts.


Jazz Up Basic Black Leggings: Mesh

Mesh Bomber

When the weather cools down, it’s time to turn up the heat on your workout. Head to hot yoga or a steamy spin class—it feels like a mini tropical vacation on a rainy or snowy day. The Mesh Bomber Jacket, available in black and white, is both fashion-forward and ventilating for your post-workout cooldown.


Jazz Up Basic Black Leggings: Graphic Tee

Uplifting Graphics

Feel-good graphics are a great way to show a little positive personality and combat the winter blues. The Dave Crewneck Sweater‘s slightly oversized fit and soft sweater knit fabric make this a piece you’ll want to live in all weekend long—not just to and from the gym.


Jazz Up Basic Black Leggings: Tie Dye

Bye-Bye Basic

Go a step further and swap out your basic black leggings with a statement color or artistic print. Each pair of Sunset Leggings is individually hand-pigmented using a shibori tie-dye technique, so no two are alike. I wear these everywhere from barre class to brunch—they add a subtle boho touch that’s a welcome contrast to more technical pieces. I also love the lavender color trend for bottoms. The Sculpt Leggings look incredible paired with the Moderate Crop Bra and a neutral-colored drapey tank.


Jazz Up Basic Black Leggings: Sports Bra

Essential Support

It’s so important to have the right support for every activity—it can make or break your workout. Current favorites include the strappy, super-feminine Sierra Bra for low impact activities like yoga and pilates and the Full Force Bra (in purple, of course) for cardio.

supporting women

Tis the season of excess—from gloriously gluttonous Thanksgiving meals to Black Friday shopping sprees. No judgement—we love a great meal and a good deal as much as the next person. Yet, amidst all the clamor surrounding doorbusters and online deals, we choose to see Thanksgiving as an opportunity for gratitude and giving back.

This Thanksgiving weekend, for every Style item purchased, we’re donating a piece of clothing to the Milwaukee Women’s Center,  supporting women in our community that are most in need. Contribute now through Sunday by ordering a Style Edit using the link below. We’ll donate a minimum of 500 pieces of women’s apparel.


MWC: Supporting Women


Founded in 1980, the Milwaukee Women’s Center provides comprehensive services and treatment for women, men, and children whose lives have been affected by domestic violence, addiction, mental health issues, and poverty.  Their Bottomless Closet provided free clothing, mentoring, and job readiness skills to 442 women and 269 men re-entering the workforce in 2016. For every item purchased from Style Edits placed with this link, we’ll donate an item of clothing to support this mission.

lightweight fitness jackets

We’ve got a case of the fall cozies, wanting to snuggle up and pile on the layers 24/7. To encourage ourselves to make the most of these gorgeous fall weekends (and avoid early hibernation), our laid-back look needs to be on-point. Layer up in style with our favorite active and athleisure fitness jackets and see how we’re wearing them for all of our weekend adventures.

      Active Fitness Jacket

On the Run

Moisture-wicking indoor/outdoor jackets are ideal for your sweatiest pursuits. A streamlined style in sporty heathered gray is incredibly versatile—equally at home on a long run or cooling down after your workout at the gym. Look for an elevated version with extra touches like mesh ventilation, seam-sealed pockets, or contrasting zippers, then take it from basic to bold with color-blocked compression leggings and a trendy-yet-supportive bra in a bright color.


           Athleisure Fitness Jacket

Off the Mat

Stay snug and stylish from savasana to coffee with friends in a long, draped knit cardigan. Choose a style with elbow cut-outs or cold-shoulder details for a touch of modern edge and pair it with leggings in a seasonal print like camo or a dark fall floral. A strappy or embellished bra in a complimentary color completes this street style-approved look for any low-impact activity.


           Outerwear Fitness Jacket     

On the Go

For busy days running around town, be prepared for the elements in a lightweight, water-repellent anorak. We’re taking this embossed style from sporty to go-anywhere by keeping things tonal. Monochromatic mixed prints and textures are way more interesting than head-to-toe black and look super rich in fall’s sapphire, wine, and deep teal tones. Just throw on your favorite white tank or tee to make your chosen color pop.

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