The Best Workout Clothes for Cycling

Post by Katie Reyes

In my experience, one of the best stress-relievers is a heart-pounding workout. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious, I know a good sweat session will turn my mood (and perspective) right around. One of my favorite ways to sweat my cares away is indoor cycling because of its fun, freeing atmosphere. Getting synchronized as a group in spin class, pumped up by adrenaline and music, is basically as good as therapy. But what do you wear? Here are my handy tips for choosing the best workout clothes for cycling.

best workout clothes for cycling

1. Spandex is your friend.

You’re riding a piece of mechanical equipment so you definitely do not want to wear loose clothing that can get caught in moving parts! In fact, it’s downright dangerous. There’s a reason Lance Armstrong wears spandex. While you may not be flying through the French countryside, sleek apparel still makes for a smoother, safer, more efficient ride.

best workout clothes for cycling

2. Coordinate to make it fun!

Liven up your spandex game with vibrant colors and prints, and never be afraid of looking “matchy-matchy.” (That’s kind of what it’s all about.) Match your sports bra with your leggings, add a neutral top, and you’re good to go! It’s all about having fun with your outfits, choosing fun pieces that make you feel good and want to get out and sweat.

best workout clothes for cycling

3. Breezy is best.

While fitted clothing is essential, breathability is also a must. You’re going to be sweating buckets, so wearing activewear that allows for airflow will keep you cool, comfortable, and bring you some much-needed relief during your workout. Pick leggings with mesh cutouts or a top with an open back to keep your ride breezy.

best workout clothes for cycling

4. Transitional pieces are key.

I don’t know about you, but my favorite group workouts usually happen on weekends and include brunch with friends afterward. I always make sure my clothes are both functional and cute so I can head straight from cycle session to socializing over a coffee or mimosa. After all, friends that sweat (and brunch) together, stay together!

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