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Boxing Workout: Breaking Down the Terms & Covering the Basics

Post by Bethann Wagner

Looking for a fun new workout to try at home? Give boxing a go. Boxing was one of the first group exercise classes I ever had the pleasure of teaching and it will forever be a favorite. It makes you feel so powerful and it’s such a fun way to get in cardio and strength training. Since many of us will be at home a lot more, I wanted to share some boxing workouts with you that you can stream. First, I’ll cover some basics to help you get started. Below I’m sharing each move by their kickboxing name and traditional boxing name.  You can follow along with either depending on what you’re most comfortable with.

boxing workout: stance


Fighting Stance

Stand with one leg slightly in front of the other about hip-distance apart. Place your hands in fists near your face. Ta-da! You’ve nailed it. This is how you will stand whenever you are not actively moving. It is intended to ensure you are always ready and your face is always protected.

boxing workout: punches


Jab or One

Punch your left arm forward while keeping your wrist pointed down. It’s important to make sure that your elbow does not get locked out.

Cross or Two

Punch your right hand forward with your thumb pointed down. During this move, your back foot pivots.

Hook or Three

A hook is a punch across the body with your elbows at a 90-degree angle.

Uppercut or Four

An uppercut is a punch that comes from your belly button with your palms facing up and wrists closed (towards an opponent’s stomach).

Bob and Weave or Slip Slip

With a slight bend at the waist, move your torso in a ‘U’ shape to the right, then the left. Make sure to keep your hips still.

boxing workout: kicks


Front Kick

From a relaxed fighting stance, bring your left knee up and thrust hips (this is where your power comes from). Be sure to keep the foot underneath your knee. Snap the foot forward and bring the knee back to a bend, then return to fighting stance.


From a relaxed fighting stance with your right leg back, bring your left knee up, pivot your standing foot, snap out the right leg, then bring your knee back in then back to your resting stance.

*note: there is no traditional boxing alternative for kicks.

boxing workout: online workouts


Time to get sweating!

30-Min At-Home Boxing Workout 

Full Body Kickboxing Workout

—Photos by Rachael Thompson


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