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Colorful Clothes & Cheerful Tips to Help You Survive Daylight Savings

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We’ve reached the end of Daylight saving time (see ya later, sunlight) but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to go dark, too! Sure, we may have gained an hour of sunlight in the morning, but the hour we lose in the evening seems to make a big impact. With the help of colorful clothes and cheerful tips, you’ll be able to survive the transition and make the most of the shorter days.

colorful clothes: daylight savings

Soak Up the Sun

It’s easy to reach for dark and muted colors for all of your fall and winter outfits. Instead of a neutral, reach for a bright yellow. Studies show that the color brings warmth, cheerfulness, and increased energy (so much for mellow yellow).

Pro Tip: Go for a walk in the morning. Light has a powerful impact on our mood and energy level. Taking the time to (literally) soak up the rays of sunshine will do wonders for your day ahead. Grab your cup of joe and take a stroll around the block to wake up more naturally and enjoy some vitamin D.

colorful clothes: daylight savings

Stick to the Schedule

Don’t be afraid to build an outfit around bold accessories and bright florals. The gorgeous pattern will help to reduce stress and increase your creativity. This will be especially helpful when you’re feeling groggy and bogged down by adjusting to the time change.

Pro Tip: Stick to your schedule. With gaining an hour, it can be tempting to stay up late, sleep in, or take an extra-long midafternoon nap. But keeping to your routine is essential for a smooth transition. If you normally go to bed at 9 and get up at 6, continue to do that so you get a good night’s rest.

colorful clothes: daylight savings

Relax, Don’t Do It

Wearing white (and yes, it’s totally acceptable after Labor Day) will help you to attract positive energy and exude a sense of peacefulness. Who knew? Layering it over a plaid button-up will make your outfit seasonal and will leave you feeling warm and cozy even during the cold and dark evenings.

Pro Tip: We all know the golden rule: do NOT go on our phones while we are laying in bed. This is even more of an important rule to follow during the time change. According to, our brains can’t tell the difference between the light coming off your phone or the sun and you’ll wind up staying up all night. Take 2-3 hours (if possible) before bed to unwind and swap your phone for a book or evening meditation.


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