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5 Earth Day Tips to Help You Be Kind to the Planet

Post by Bethann Wagner

Celebrating and taking care of the Earth doesn’t have to be limited to one day, but I love that we get to show the planet some extra love on April 22nd. It’s a particularly powerful day when you think about the fact that people from all over the globe are working towards the same goal. Whether you celebrate Earth Day with family, friends, or take on a solo mission, there are many ways to show your gratitude that are both fun and impactful.  Here are a few easy to implement ideas that you can do 365 days a year:

earth day tips: beach clean up

Spring Clean

We’ve all been to the beach and seen trash left behind. You pick it up, throw it out and move on with your day. What if you started to make a habit of doing an hour or two of that? What a huge difference that can make! Of course, you can clean up any public area near you. Grab some friends, meet up at your favorite local haunt and brighten it up.

Go Dark

One of the most memorable Earth Day activities I’ve had was from my early adulthood. I lived with 5 girls and we turned off all the electricity in the house and didn’t use devices. In honor of “Earth Hour,” we just talked by candles. We ate snacks that required no electricity to make and had so much fun turning-off for a bit and simply connecting with each other.

earth day tips: reusable bags

Shop With a Reusable Bag

Shopping with a reusable bag replaces disposing of so many of the paper and plastic bags you get at the grocery store or a boutique. Offered in many colors and designs, they even look stylish as you head around town picking up your necessities. Their ability to fold down into a small size makes it easy to tote them around or keep in your car. You never know when you might need it!

Buy New Consciously

There are loads of brands now that make eco-friendly clothes, give back to charitable causes or often, both. One of my favorite athleisure brands, Spiritual Gangster (makers of this sweatshirt I got from my last Wantable Edit as seen below) donates proceeds to provide a meal to a person in need through their partnership with Feeding America and has donated 11 million meals donated to date. Beyond Yoga, which can also be found in your Wantable Fitness Edits, is dedicated to transparent, ethical practices that support the people that help make the clothes possible.

earth day tips: ride your bike

Ride Your Bike

You’ve likely seen or even participated in a ‘ride your bike day’ in some capacity whether it be at work or school, but did you keep the momentum going? On Earth Day, wake up a little earlier and bike to work, school or both if you can. One way to shuttle younger kids is a box bike. I use mine daily to get around our city and it’s allowed us to be a one car family which has been impactful for the planet and our family budget as well as being loads of fun for the kids and their friends. Of course, that’s not possible for everyone depending on your climate, but there’s bound to be more eco-friendly (and fun) ways you can get around when weather permits.


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