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Mom’s Day: 21 Ways to Make Her Day

Post by Wantable Staff

Social distancing is hard enough—now we are facing a world-first: Mom’s Day in quarantine. Some of us might be lucky enough to “see” our mom and press our hand to a glass window or blow kisses from the curbside. For many of us, we’ll be sharing our love via webcam. Let’s also remember that Mom’s Day can be tough for those on a private journey to motherhood, those alone or missing someone. For this reason, we’re opening up the circle of love on Mom’s Day this year. Here are 21 creative ways you can love up all the special ladies in your lives.

1. Crafter-Noon

Have a crafter-noon working through some DIY crafts on Pinterest. Pick a few favorites ahead of time to make sure you have everything you need! If you’re working together virtually, send a surprise full of all the materials she’ll need for your crafting day.

2. Webcam Glam

Living in sweats has been pretty amazing, but Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get all dolled up for some webcam glam. Throw a tea party, cook an ultra-fancy dinner, or bring out your inner barista and try out some chic cocktails.

3. At-Home Spa Day

Send the special lady in your life a few products from her favorite skincare line. Or, set up a bubble bath with a diffuser (lavender is oh-so relaxing) and a glass of wine. Pro tip: there are so many good spa playlists on Spotify that you can throw on to really make it feel like the real deal.

4. Class It Up

There are so many online classes you can take together. Take an Airbnb Experience, do a self-guided paint and sip, or even take a virtual yoga class. You can always surprise her with an Active Edit full of fab pieces for her workout.

5. Memory Lane

If you live close enough, drive over to their house and stick hearts and family pics to the windows. Not able to decorate in person? Create a digital slideshow with all of your favorite photos. Add some music and live clips from family and it’s a guaranteed winner.

6. Wantable Gift Card

Even if you can’t be there in person, you can still send the virtual gift with a personal touch: a Wantable Gift Card. Starting at $25, you can load up a gift card with credits that she can put towards her Wantable personal styling experience.

7. DIY Brunch

Anyone else seriously missing Sunday brunch? Try making brunch at home—with delicious mimosas, of course—and tasty waffles or pancakes. If you’re celebrating long-distance, check to see if her favorite brunch spot is delivering!

8. Start Your Own Book Club

Book clubs provide an opportunity to connect and bond. Plus, it reduces stress—and that sounds pretty amazing with everything going on. Not to mention, snacks and beverages are a no-brainer. Get started here.

9. Virtual Happy Hour

The moms in your life are probably missing family and friends especially when they can’t spend this special day together. Surprise her with a virtual get-together with her closest friends or get the entire family on a video call.

10. Snail Mail

Technology is amazing for keeping us all connected especially during times like these, but there is something so special about old school mail. Send a handwritten letter, write her a poem, or create a list of your favorite things about her. The delight of discovering something in the mail is bound to make her day.

11. Movie Night

Stream a mother-daughter movie (Little Women gets our #1 vote) together. If you live close enough, set up an at-home movie theatre (either indoor or outdoor) with popcorn and her go-to movie snacks. If you don’t live close enough, set up a video call and press play at the same time.

12. Picnic

Warmer weather and a bit of sunshine call for a picnic. Fill up a basket with cheese, crackers, fruit, and blankets and enjoy a socially distant picnic. Even if you aren’t able to go to a park, host your picnic in your backyard or patio.

13. Game On

Host a virtual game night with family or friends—or both! If you need a few ideas on which games are perfect for virtual game night, click here. It might surprise you how many there are!

14. Wine Tasting

There are plenty of wine subscription boxes you can send, but if you know her favorite wines, ship them ahead of time to do your very own wine tasting. Set up a flight and discuss what you like or didn’t like about each one. Bonus points if you send tasty crackers along with them.

15. On Broadway

If you’d typically be going to a Broadway show to celebrate, live stream broadway shows. There is plenty to choose from so you can opt for something you haven’t seen before or rewatched a favorite. Go all out and try to make themed snacks or cocktails depending on which one you choose!

16. Take a Hike

For those on the adventurous side, go to a national park—they’re just one click away. It’s a super fun way to “get outside” and see different parts of the world. Do a little research ahead of time and give a self-guided tour as you explore.

17. Try Your Hand at Trivia

Host a virtual trivia night. You can either center it around her favorite show or topic (Friends trivia, anyone?) or write your very own trivia questions about her for guests to answer. If you want to add a competitive edge, throw in a playful prize for the person who gets the most correct answers.

18. Virtual Vacay

Iconic landmarks, museums, and zoos around the world are offering virtual tours. While many have had to postpone vacations, these virtual tours are a great opportunity to take her to somewhere on her bucket list. Plan out a day of sightseeing by sending her a map of the destination along with themed gifts for her to enjoy.

19. Something Sweet

You can never go wrong with a sweet treat. Bake her favorite treat or send her a surprise delivery from her favorite bakery. Or, if she has a family recipe that she loves, ask her to teach you how to make it.

20. Pop-Up Parade

Pop-up parades have been happening like crazy to surprise people for birthdays, anniversaries, and all kinds of celebrations. This holiday lends the perfect time to craft some signs and place them in your car windows. Once your cars are all decked out, drive by her house, honk, wave, and send your love.

21. Karaoke Night

Put on your own concert and host a karaoke night. YouTube offers up countless karaoke options for you to choose from. Set up a video call and share your screen so that everyone can see the lyrics and belt out some tunes.


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