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9 No-Fail Tips to Stick to Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Post by Bethann Wagner

At the risk of sounding cliche, I can’t believe it is the New Year already! I kept and continue to keep the same basic New Year’s fitness resolutions each and every year since I was in my twenties: to be happier, healthier and stronger. Usually, it’s easy to find others with those same resolutions, which is perfect for holding me accountable. It’s my theory that having the same resolutions year after year means you are always improving! One thing is for sure; thanks to a few tricks I’ve picked up over the last 10+ years, I’ve gotten better and better at keeping them. I hope that these tips will be just as helpful to you as they are for me!

1. Playlist Goals.

Whenever I’m feeling like slowing down or even giving up altogether, a good playlist makes all the difference. The songs that always gets me going? Beethoven (I Love to Listen To) by the Eurythmics and naturally, any song with a high BPM by the great Britney Spears.

2. Take some Pre.

If you asked me 2 years ago what ‘pre’ was I would have no idea and probably think it was meant for Instagram fitness models, but none of that holds true today. I live for CLEAN+LEAN because it gives you loads of energy with zero jitters or anxiety and seriously allows me to go beyond my natural threshold for exertion and helps me to achieve my health goals.

3. Just Do It.

For the days you don’t feel like doing anything, but you aren’t sick, sore or injured, try to get going. Sure, it’s a little harsh, but unless your body or soul is pleading for a day off, get moving. On the days where it’s hard to get motivated, I always tell myself, “10 min is better than zero!”

new year's fitness resolutions: just do it

4. Eat for Success.

It goes without saying that eating well will help you get and maintain any New Year’s fitness resolution you have, but I honestly believe it’s one of the most important (if not the most important) aspects. A large proportion of your fitness-related results will come from a balanced diet.

5. Supplement.

It’s challenging (at least for me) to get all the nutrients and energy needed through diet alone. According to a DNA test I just did, I’m low on Omega 3s. Supplements to the rescue! Hoping to make this your healthiest year yet? Try uncovering things like whether or not you have the ‘fat gene,’ your caffeine metabolism, iron uptake, and vitamin B12 uptake. Find out where you’re lacking and supplement with personalized vitamins. Gone are the days of one-size fits all women’s multivitamins. These are based on DNA test results, a quick online questionnaire, and personal goals.

new year's fitness resolutions: supplement

6. Start Small.

Don’t feel like your goal has to be as grand as never touching processed carbs or sugar and working out for 2 hours each day. Habits take a long time to form and most of us (raises hand) give up soon after we start because it’s soooo hard! Treat big resolutions like a pizza and slice them up in to easy to digest pieces, then tackle them one at a time until you’ve accomplished what you wanted.

7. Sharing Is Caring.

Tell at least one other person about your resolution. If you’re up for it, put it on social media and ask for help to keep you accountable. The more, the merrier. This increases your likelihood of sticking to the habit because obviously, you don’t want to have to come clean to a bunch of people if you fall off track.

new year's fitness resolutions: think happy thoughts

8. Think Happy Thoughts.

As woo-woo as that may sound, positive thinking really does help! If you catch yourself heading down a negative thinking path, pull yourself out with some good ol’ confidence-building mantras for a gentle reminder of your intentions.

9. Treat Yo’self.

Little rewards along the way will help keep you motivated. My personal favorite is new workout clothes for victories at the gym,   and of course, there’s always Wantable to help you out there!


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