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How Outdoor Fitness Benefits the Mind, Body & Soul

Post by Bethann Wagner

Lately, I’ve been losing a bit of interest in my regular workout routine. The gym and my typically refreshing indoor yoga classes just haven’t been enough to help me out of my rut. When I start to feel my routine has become monotonous, I know it’s time for a new perspective. Getting outside for exercise is often something I reserve for special occasions like travel or long weekends, but there are so many benefits to skipping the gym and working out outside. It rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul so much that it’s really a no-brainer to make it part of your weekly routine. Not quite convinced? Here are four amazing benefits of skipping the gym and getting outdoors.

mind body and soul: outdoor fitness

Natural Mood Elevator

There’s a reason mama, model, and organic skincare entrepreneur, Miranda Kerr says, “I find regular yoga, meditation and getting out in nature—a walk or a swim in the ocean—are great ways at managing and overcoming stress.” Getting outside helps elevate mood, manage stress, increase energy and can even spark creativity. Next time you’re feeling a little bit down take a walk and a few deep breaths before anything else. It might lead to an unexpected sweat session or creative breakthrough.

mind body and soul: outdoor fitness

Can contribute to more graceful aging

Research published in the Journal of Aging Health shows that getting outside on a daily basis may help us stay healthy and functioning longer in old age. Participants in the study who spent time outdoors every day at age 70 showed fewer complaints of aching bones or sleep problems when they reached the age of 77 than those who did not head outside each day. Get outside so you can better enjoy your older years.

mind body and soul: outdoor fitness

Longer Workouts

Being outside can make you healthier, but some benefits are more tangible than that.  A Huff Post article on the subject states, “Not only are the outdoors great for making exercise feel easier and often more enjoyable, but some outdoor elements — like those mountains — directly contribute to weight loss. Simply spending time at high altitude could help shed some pounds, even if you’re just visiting. The higher heights can speed up your metabolism, while actually lessening hunger cravings.” That’s one heck of an argument for some SPF45 and a long outdoor hike.

mind body and soul: outdoor fitness

Increased Vitamin D

We all know by now logging time in the sun is one way we can ensure our bodies get more Vitamin D. Why is that so important? At the risk of scaring you all away from your screens and sending you running for the nearest exit; Vitamin D deficiency has now been linked to multiple types of cancer including breast cancer, mental health issues like depression, and even weight gain. So head outside (with some protective sunscreen, of course) and soak up some rays.


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